Inside the Mind of a Trans(cendent) Artist

In early 2004, (my friend Avelina and) I went to see Abby Lincoln performing at Yoshi’s on Jack London Square, in Oakland, CA; the Bay Area’s preeminent jazz club. There was a waitress there who caught my eye. When I turned to look at her, I saw a most wonderfully attractive woman, but, it wasn’t whom I saw that most impressed me; it was what I heard. Faintly, albeit clearly, I could hear beautiful music, flowing, streaming through my mind. I turned my attention away from her and the music stopped. Throughout the night, every time I saw her, I heard that music and every time I turned my head away, it stopped. As a composer, I symphonically hear the music within my mind, and what I heard from her streamed into my consciousness in many tones, timbres and beautifully syncopated rhythms.

When Ms. Lincoln’s show was over, I introduced myself to the waitress, told her of my experience, got her name (“Angie”), thanked her and left. (I wasn’t motivated to pursue relationship with her, so there was no further need to communicate with her or to ask for contact info.) For the next two weeks, every time I remembered her, every time I thought of her, I heard that music. Finally, I decided I would open up my MIDI editor and start putting some of the themes and rhythms that I was hearing into concrete form. What I ended up with is the music of this song. Then, it was time to write lyrics to it.

When I opened my thoughts to lyrics, the only language I kept hearing was Portuguese. So, I got out my Portuguese grammar books and dictionaries and set myself to lyric writing. The song is meant to be an honest expression of the music I was experiencing within me. When the words started gelling, the speaker of the song was speaking of and to Angie, about that experience.

I’ve had only one contact with Angie since meeting her; shortly after writing this song, we spoke and I told her I had written it. I’ve only recently recorded it, so I’m practically sure she hasn’t heard it and I’m not sure whether or when she will. Nonetheless, I will never forget that experience and, now, I can share a reflection of it with [her and with] you.

Angie (Esta Canção é de Você) – Angie, This Song is From You.
by Alyras
Copyright by de Cygne. All rights reserved.
Original in Portuguese. English translation by the author.


Beleza. Encarnação de graça andando ali.
Ouço uma canção em mim quando lhe olho.
Angie, esta canção é de você.

Certeza, a musica não é de mim;
é um murmurio da alma que tinha sua pulsação.
Angie, esta canção é de você.

Atraves de um quarto aglomerado, eu o vi,
então eu ouvi um som encantador;
as batidas elegançias, as arias fluidas,
as harmonias como os riachos,
que são conectadas em cascata
no espirito da Deusa dentro de mim;
esta da tua emanação;
Angie, esta canção é de você.

Não, e uma illusão.
E tão real quanto o pulso delicado
no peito deste cantor anonimo.
Anjo, eu não mento;
Angie, esta canção é de você.

Ah, Beleza. Eu estou demais timido
mas canterei para a senhora
esta canção da paixão,
Angie, porque é de você;
oooh, você!


Beautiful; incarnation of Grace standing there.
I hear a song within me when I see her.
Angie, this song is from you.

Certainly, the music is not from me;
it’s a whisper of the soul that has your pulse.
Angie, this song is from you.

Across a crowded room, I saw her,
then, I heard an enchanting sound;
elegant beats, fluid arias,
harmonies like rivulets,
connected, cascading
into the Spirit of Goddess within me.
It’s from your emanation;
Angie, this song is from you.

No, it’s not an illusion;
it’s as real as the delicate pulse
within the chest of this anonymous singer.
Angel, I’m not lying –
Angie, this song is from you.

Ah, Beautiful. I am very shy,
but I will sing
this song of passion to you,
Angie, because it’s from you;
oooh, you.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank you, Angie, for being the Muse inspiring this song!!! Wherever you are on, above or beneath this planet, I hope you are living well, (and that you have heard your song by now)!

Bless you!


Copyright by de Cygne. All rights reserved.


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