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Understanding the Nature of Need and Supply

Understanding the Nature of Need and Supply
by Rev. Michaele de Cygne

The Principle:

Need is evidence of Source/Spirit/God delivering new supply. Source gives us supply, so we don’t have to strive to manifest it; so we have more time to commune and hang out with Source.


When we are born, we are connected to Source and we are connected to Supply. Our conditioning soon establishes ego in our minds, separating us from Source, like a thin membrane breaking the circuit allowing Supply to flow unhindered into our lives. Our parents, medical persons, the planet… become our sources for the fulfillment of our needs instead of The Source. Consequently, we are conditioned to focus on the “need” factor of the need/supply equation, to meet the challenge head on, to take the bull by the horns and handle it. We are taught to take responsibility for our affairs, to analyze, break things down to essentials and pragmatically arrive at solutions to meet our myriad needs, using our inner and/or external resources. Thus, for those who just go with the human flow, the needs, or rather our focus on need is the issue. The Truth is that need and supply are always concurrent; Source supplies our needs before they manifest, so we can just focus on our relationship with Source rather than on finding fulfillment for our needs outside of Source. The question is, “How do we get Supply to manifest in our lives?”

As co-Creators with Source, we create space for Source to manifest Supply by giving thanks for it. To give thanks for it consciously acknowledges Source’s provision of it in or lives, thus effecting an unconscious acknowledgment of God’s Love for us. That unconscious acknowledgment releases Love into the conditions harboring the need, which in turn, establishes hope in the context of that need. Like pushing something away from you that’s all up in your face, that simple act of establishing hope allows us to step back from the stress of the pressing need to experience the awareness of the flow of the substance of God’s supply into our lives. That substance is faith.* Even the smallest iota of faith contains all the potential of the Big Bang, more than enough to move the mountain of need out of our lives as it displaces the mountain with itself. The more we give thanks for supply, before we fully experience it, the more Love and hope create space for Divine substance/faith to expand into and within our consciousness, into and within our conditions, into and within our circumstances; into and displacing our need. The more that Substance expands, the slower its vibration becomes and it shifts from a mental perception to a psychic knowing to a physically evident form.** The supply is given to fill a certain form; that form may appear differently than how we idealize the fulfillment of the need associated with it, in our limited perception of the myriad aspects of the need (that are indirectly related to us).*** However, all we must to do is to keep giving thanks for the supply until its perfect form is fully concretized.

Three things abide, faith, hope and love; but the greatest of these is Love, because Love creates space for hope, which facilitates the flow of faith, which manifests miracles.

Looking at the equation from a different perspective, as we give thanks for supply, we first acknowledge the perfect balance of the Universe, therefore the fundamentally perfect balance of our lives. Being inherent to the offering, that acknowledgment relaxes our thoughts, thus our psyches, (our emotions chill), we breathe more deeply, our muscles relax and tension flows out of them allowing more oxygen to our brains, which in turn enables us to think more clearly to perceive the right steps to take toward [participating in] realizing solutions for our challenges. Thus, the “attitude of gratitude” enables us to resolve every challenge more quickly and more effectively as it attracts every thought, idea, contact and resource we require to meet each challenge.

Rampant need around these days, isn’t there? How many news broadcasts are we hearing like this — “We’re giving thanks that the North Korean government has attained a collective Consciousness that enables it to perceive and acknowledge the love and appreciation the rest of the world has for its people, its talents and its culture. As a result, the Pyongyang no longer feels threatened and has ceased its fearful military posturing to focus on permanently developing healthy, mutually prosperous  relationships with its neighbors and the rest of the world” — ? Or — “We give thanks that food producers have realized that the cost of packing food with unnatural chemicals drastically reduces their profits as a consequence of requiring their customers to divert $$ that could be spent on their products to resolve their medical needs arising from consuming them. Thus, they have decided to universally eliminate such ingredients, in favor of naturally occurring ingredients producing like effects. While the cost of doing so is greater per company, the increased profits from increased consumption of their goods is keeping their books in the black, with profits increasing.” — ? How about — “We give thanks that the collective advances of the 20th century are now yielding new understandings of interpersonal, interstate and international commerce that are enabling rapid development of radically new, easily implementable and universally satisfying solutions to the global economic crisis!!” — ?

Ok, I’m taking a moment to interpose smidgins of pacifism and activism to make a point, nonetheless, while I’m addressing the possibility of resolving mass issues in this manner, the point is that we enable positive things to replace negative conditions by giving thanks for the expression of supply that displaces those conditions. Doing so in that manner is exponentially more effective and less stressful than furrowing our brows with worry about how to resolve those conditions. As we focus on need, we attract conditions validating those needs. As we focus on supply, we create conditions to express substance that vanishes need, thus validating Supply. As we choose to focus, so we experience.

The Practice:

Replace the habit of harping about need with that of heralding supply. For 3 consecutive weeks, minimum, make it a point to mentally verbalize your needs as expressions of thanksgiving for the supply that fulfills and displaces them. Every time you find yourself feeling the weight of worry, of “How do I get the stuff I require to fill this need???”, flip it around, invert it (like turning over a playing card) and give thanks for the flow of the supply that fills that need.

A mental or oral statement as simple as “Thanks God for fulfilling this need right now” starts the substance flowing.

Thank God for your financial circumstances that always and reliably provide you with so much money you always have at least twice as much as you need, (instead of saying something like “Thank you God for sending me $2000.00 [or a new Ferrari] this month.”)

Thank God that your circumstances enable you to provide your loved ones with the resources they require for their optimum well being, that It knows exactly what resources you will require to meet this month’s needs and that, as you hang with it and focus on It, It is ordering your footsteps and those of others to lead you to each other, so all the exchanges that need to happen to manifest those resources just naturally and seamlessly occur and all your bills are paid before the final deadlines.

Thank Source for the new and deeply fulfilling area of service it has prepared for you as your new vocation or career, (replacing the one the Universe recently facilitated your departure from), or the next level of your present one.

Thank Source that Its flow of Supply to you is unhindered, more and more each day, enabling that Supply to expand in your circumstances (and concretize) more rapidly.

Thank Spirit that It knows every need before it arises and works proactively to provide for it, in full measure.

[In your personal conversation with Source/Spirit/God] “Thank You for the flow of Your Supply into all my needs, above and beyond the circumstances that made those needs evident!”

Thank God for this understanding that allows you to have more space and time to simply hang with Him as a result of not having your mind so preoccupied with how to do His job.

All who walk with and in Spirit, remember 2 Timothy 1:7: “For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” With the power of Love and a sound mind, give thanks for (and to receive) all the good the Divine has established for you, that you may be free to live in abundant prosperity and peace of mind, psyche and body.


* Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. [Hebrews 11:1]

** Manifestation occurs first in the ultra high vibrations of thought, then, as they are held and accumulate, in the denser astral dimensions of our experience which, if held there long enough and with enough focused thought energy/force, will manifest the vibrations into physical form; all reality, just different expressions, like clouds, water and ice.

*** Source’s thoughts are higher and deeper than our thoughts, Its ways higher and deeper than our ways. We can trust Its provisions are always spot on, perfect. [Isaiah 55:9]

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Turning Pain to Power Through Praise

In these times, as we shift from old ways to new ways, (regardless of whether we want to do so or not), mental and emotional pain are rampant. People are struggling with their thoughts of confusion, loss and uncertainty. along with feelings of fear, disillusionment and varying degrees of depression and hopelessness. Many are seeking ways to overcome the intense internal stresses (or negative inner conditions) brought on by such thoughts and feelings. Many are looking for dependable solutions, opportunities, possibilities, anything that will enable them to reliably and consistently move beyond such stresses and into an empowered place, a place where they feel they have a capacity to consciously and proactively change and improve their circumstances. I am presenting a process by which the individual may act responsively to such thoughts and feelings and change her internal environment from one of stress and distress to one of resilience and power.

Principle I

The Holy Bible says God inhabits the praises of His people; (Psalms 22:3). Understanding that principle broadly, what’s being communicated is the Truth that the act of truly praising the Divine releases the energy of the Divine Spirit into our thoughts and feelings [minds and psyches, ergo “microcosms”], with a direct impact and effect on and in our physical circumstances. The mindset with which such praise is offered must be sincere; it can be effectively offered regardless of how the individual feels at the time, as long as the person is being sincere. When sincere praise is extended to the Divine, the Divine Spirit immediately responds to it and directly flows into the individual’s microcosm. When that flow occurs, all the basic attributes of Spirit flow into the individual’s microcosm as well. This is basic cause and effect – introduce Spirit anywhere and the attributes or fruits of the Spirit are introduced there as well.

What are the fruits of the Spirit? When the Spirit is present, inherently,
                     gentleness and
are also present; at least as seeds, (seeds that grow with the duration of the Presence of Spirit.)  Therefore, if Spirit is introduced into the individual microcosm through praise, then praise also introduces all of that Spirit fruit into the individual microcosm too. Joy being one of those fruits, praising the Divine introduces joy into us that manifests regardless of our circumstances and situations; joy that has the power to displace feelings and thoughts of sadness, depression, hopelessness and despair. This doesn’t require any preparation; the only thing that needs to be done for the individual to experience this is for the individual to make the CHOICE to sincerely and consciously praise the Divine/Source.

If you are reading this while experiencing any of the negative thoughts and feelings referred to above, the practice below will enable you to transform them into positive energy, thus displacing them and shifting you from a consciousness of being power-less to being power-full. It’s really easy!!

Practice I

Whatever your inner conditions may be, simply repeat the praise “Hallelujah!” [or another one of your choice] ten times in a row. If you are doing so sincerely, not playing a game like trying to say it 10 times quickly, by the time you get to the 10th praise, you will be aware of an inner smile within you; in fact, your inner smile may even reach your face. Let’s do it – verbally, out loud, repeat

“Hallelujah!”  “Hallelujah!”  “Hallelujah!”  “Hallelujah!”  “Hallelujah!”

“Hallelujah!”  “Hallelujah!”  “Hallelujah!”  “Hallelujah!”  “Hallelujah!”

Feel that joy? Even if it’s small, (as I said) an inner smile, it’s proof of the Presence, of the Spirit expressing Itself through you. You might even be laughing right now. That’s the fundamental technique that effectively shifts us within from joy-less-ness to joy-full-ness, and from hopelessness to hopefulness. Now, here’s how to make the shift in the powerfulness.

Principle II

Having experienced the results of Practice I, understand that simply continuing to repeat that praise effects the compounding of the fruits of the Spirit within us. As we continually praise the Divine, in line with the first principle above, the Divine Spirit reinvests Itself into Itself within our microcosm with each praise utterance. Since the initial praise utterance introduces the Spirit, repeating the praise effectively recycles Spirit into Spirit, compounding It’s attributes and fruits and amplifying them, so their vibrational intensity is remarkably greater than the intensity of our negative inner conditions. Again, cause and effect; the steady flow of Spirit into our microcosms displaces everything to the contrary within us and our conditions, just as surely as clean water flowing into a container of dirty water displaces that dirty water as it changes the conditions within that container.

Practice III

Initially, in Practice I, you experienced the manifestation of joy by sincerely applying Divine praise. As you continue to sincerely praise, your increased inner peace will be evident too. (That awareness of inner peace despite your circumstances may seem irrational, but you’re working with things of the Spirit and not those of the mind and things of the Spirit work beyond reason.) As your awareness of inner peace increases, so will your sense of self-control; despite the conditions, you will be aware of having inner power over their effect upon you – the awareness of your own self-control, (your control over how your circumstances are effecting you), will displace previous feelings of lack of control over your circumstances. With that, you will be more patient about the processes by which those conditions are resolved in your experience. Therefore, you will respond more kindly and gently to people around you, even to yourself, not being hard on yourself and allowing yourself to be more loving, to yourself and others within those conditions. This positive change of your inner conditions will certainly and directly extrapolate into a positive change in your outer conditions; initially in small ways that get larger and more evident as the positive changes become more consistent in your daily experience. The capacity to reliably effect such a positive shift of inner and, consequently, outer conditions in this manner will give you the vital awareness of you having power to favorably change your life.

You are not subject to your conditions; your conditions are subject to you! Understanding and applying these principles through these simple practices – and they really are simple – will reliably enable you to turn pain to power through praise.

Written by Rev. Michaele Alyras de Cygne

Copyright by de Cygne. All rights reserved.
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I have had enough! I am deeply wearied by the proliferation of the lie that the Mayan Calendar ends in 2012. Rather than making a long, exasperated (and exasperating) argument debunking the lie, I’m just going to point out one simple thing:

The end of a calendar must be the last day of the calendar, otherwise, the calendar has not ended. Oct. 3rd is not the end of the Gregorian Calendar, nor is Sept. 25th or Nov. 17th. The end of the Gregorian Calendar is Dec. 31st. However, this simple principle is grossly disregarded in the banter about the end of the Mayan Calendar.

The Mayan Calendar being bandied about is called “the Tzolkin”.  In and of itself, the Tzolkin encompasses a 260 day cycle. The last day of the Tzolkin’s cycle is called “13 Ahau”. If it ends on 12.21.2012, that date should correspond with 13 Ahau.

Make’s sense right? If it’s not at the end of the cycle it happens to be transiting at that time, then it can’t be the end of the Calendar; right? Well, the date of 12.21.2012 corresponds to the Tzolkin date of 4 Ahau; 4 Ahau is the 160th day, not the 260th.

13 Ahau is 100 DAYS AFTER 12.21.12 – March 31, 2013; 03.31.13!!! — THAT’s the day we need to ponder relative to the end of the Tzolkin[‘s 5200-year Great Cycle] and the beginning of the subsequent Great Cycle, its first 20 years in particular. 😉

Since 03.31.13 is the end [260th day] of that particular cycle of the Tzolkin, 12.21.2012 simply CANNOT be the end of the Mayan Calendar! The Tzolkin is pure Logic; the argument that 12.21.2012 is the end of it’s cycle is simply illogical. It just makes no sense; it’s nonsense

All those who are claiming to be experts and are pushing the 12.21.2012 illusion are not in it for Truth’s sake; effectively, they’re promoting a lie. Don’t believe it. While there is a key astronomical alignment of our planet with the galactic core on that date, while there are dynamic shifts of consciousness and higher dimension living coalescing around that time, whatever else it be and coincide with, 12.21.2012 is not the end of the Mayan Calendar.