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The Awakening – “What is it?” and Suggestions on How to Live Through It

(This is an open response to a friend’s email question, asking what the “Awakening” is.)

The Awakening – “What is it?”

Every 26,000 years, our star, the Sun, makes a complete orbit on it’s cycle. (Stars have orbits, just like planets do.) The Sun’s orbit is called the “Processional.” Being made of the stuff of earth, (which is actually the stuff of stars), human beings tend to relate to the physical and forget that they’re all higher dimensional beings living in a lower/3-D experience. Therefore, in their consciousness, humans become limited to the physical realities and dynamics of living on this planet and within the visible universe; it’s like humans are asleep to the higher Reality of what’s really going on in the universe. [The film “The Matrix” used that understanding as the basis of their sci-fi tale.] Hence, periodically, they need to be awakened and reminded of their higher existence, not in the context of an after life, but in the context of their normal daily lives.

Every 5125-5200 years, a planetary cycle occurs during the Processional called a “Great Cycle”, during which humanity evolves through increasingly higher levels of Consciousness, from animal to Universal. The most intensive evolutionary cycle of Consciousness occurs then the Processional’s end coincides with the end of a Great Cycle. During such a Time, the Earth is bombarded by higher frequencies of energy designed to shift humans out of their “slumber”, to awaken them back into awareness of their higher dimensional existence. That process is a “quickening” and is called the “Awakening.” (Some people also call it the “Ascension”, i.e. rising into higher levels of personal and planetary being.) It’s a process that begins in earnest around 25 years before the Processional and the Great Cycle reach their joint conclusions and, in our lifetime, it began in earnest in 1987, 25 years ago. 2012 is the year when the Processional and the Great Cycle mutually conclude and the energies of the Awakening culminate and are most intense.

A Stirring on Three Levels of Being

Humans are spirits who live on Earth in (at least) 3 levels of being, simultaneously:
1) mental
2) astral and
3) physical.
The Awakening stirs all humanity and simultaneously shifts us into higher levels of being on all of those levels.

First, the quickening stirs the intellectual levels of human experience, then it stirs the emotional levels followed by the physical levels. Each level is more dense than the preceding, so the Awakening takes the path of least resistance and starts on the more subtle levels of who we are, working toward the denser. The subtlest [mental] levels require less intensive energy, but the flow of energy through them is longer. The densest [physical] levels require much higher amounts of energy and the time frame for those higher amounts is shorter. The late 1980’s and the 1990’s were times of intellectual and mental quickening; the Internet facilitated that. Shortly after the turn of the century/millennium, the times of emotional quickening began; 9/11 was the first, big emotional punch that ushered in that level of quickening. In the last part of the last decade the physical quickening began; the initial push came from the Indonesian tsunami in 2006. The earthquakes in New Zealand, Japan and Turkey, as well as the economic shake up were follow ups, additional pushes. Last year, the intensity of the Sun began to increase. The flow of energy from the Sun crosses the boundaries or density separating the physical, emotional and mental levels of human being; thus, it pushes buttons on all those levels at the same time, unifying the quickening on each of level of human experience into a galvanized force that ultimately causes humans to cease to experience the world and life as they knew it.

Forced Change Through Sympathetic Vibration

How does sound frequency break glass? First, it matches the primary overtone or vibration of the glass; that matching is called “sympathetic vibration.” Then, the pure frequency is focused on the glass with high intensity. The glass, with the outer, incessant frequency stimulation starts to vibrate faster and faster until the vibration of the glass can’t be confined to the inner density of its molecules. At that point, the vibration forces itself beyond the confines of those molecules and the glass shatters. The Awakening occurs in a similar manner.

The frequencies of the vibrations related to who we are as higher dimensional beings start flowing toward us, first from spiritual realms into our mental experience, then from astral realms into our psychic and emotional experience, then from stars into our physical experience, (relative to the latter, beginning with the galaxy’s core, streaming out through the Milky Way, amping up our star/Sun and causing it to pour out massive amounts of energy toward our planet, in the form of coronal mass ejections or “CME”‘s.) Gradually, the vibrations increase until they stir our higher dimensional aspects that are bound within and limited by the density of our 3-D experience.

The Human Experience of the Awakening

While the flow of those higher energies are increasing, people may feel “heavy” or “antsy” in response to their quickened mental and psychic energies encountering the denser aspects of their 3-D experience — like the frequency vibration trying to escape the glass would “feel” the heaviness of the glass’s limitation and push against it, seeking escape. The vibrations continue to increase to the point where something’s got to give. What’s supposed to give is people’s clinging to the limitations of their mental and emotional and physical perceptions, prejudices and preferences. By letting go of those limitations, space is created within them and their circumstances for the expansion of the New into their lives and of their lives into the New. Unfortunately, even though the information about the Awakening is abundantly available, most people have been distracted from being aware of it by the mundane aspects of the Awakening itself, thus It’s here and most people are not prepared for it.

Late 1980’s-1990’s – As the intellectual quickening progressed, people were distracted by the Internet and explosion of the Information Age.
2001- present – With the emotional quickening, people were distracted by fear, anger and the negative emotions brought on by terrorism and war.
2006/7 – present – People have been distracted by the shifts in physical experience, i.e. natural disasters, economic and material loss. Focused on the gaining personally advantageous positions, with each level of quickening, people have not opened themselves to hearing the Message about the Awakening, preferring to emphasize and identify with the dynamics of the limitations imposed on their higher dimensional existence by the physical density of their earthly existence.

As a result of not being prepared for it, many people are experiencing rising levels of depression, clinical anxiety, mental and emotional breakdown and increase of physical disorders and diseases. At this point, even though they aren’t aware of the Awakening, most people sense “something” is happening that’s greater than they can imagine. Now, along with asking “What’s going on?”, people are concerned about how to deal with it. Fortunately, more than enough people paid attention to the Awakening as it began and they received information and technology designed to assist others through this most critical period in human history.

How to Transit the Awakening

If the glass in the example above refused to persist in holding onto its form, if it yielded to the increasing vibrations and shifted its molecular structure, it would melt and shift into a different form. Yes, the melting would “hurt”, but by yielding to the quickening of its structure, it could be formed into a new vessel rather than being destroyed. During the Awakening, many people will be like the glass clinging to its form, fearing and resisting the quickening energies and they will break. Many others will choose not to fear and resist the quickening energies and, thus, they will allow something New to manifest in their lives and they will effectively become new vessels. The energies effecting the Awakening are those of Love and light; the latter group of people will become new vessels for the accumulation and outpouring of Love and light on both 3-D and higher dimensional levels of human experience.

The Awakening is about a Change in frequency, spiritual, emotional and molecular, cellular frequency. Everybody has it in their power to change; the power is released through conscious decision, conscious choice. Generally, choosing to physically exercise, to learn to rhythmically breathe in order to reduce stress and increase concentrations, to practice clean thinking and eating, choosing to Love and to act as Love Itself would act in any given situation, those activities and actions will help all people to ride through the Awakening more gracefully. Optimally, learning to meditate while using the higher frequencies themselves is a path of least resistance to being and living in alignment (or becoming “harmonically aligned) with the Awakening.

Tools for Awakening

In order to help people to navigate the Awakening, the ancient Maya perceived and documented a [cyclic] periodic Table of celestial, harmonic cycles by which astral energies facilitate the evolution of Consciousness. They call it the “Tzolk’in.” The cycles embodied in the Tzolk’in’s Table progress daily, so the Maya also used the Table as a Calendar; the “Mayan Sacred Calendar.” By referring to the Tzolk’in and It’s cycles, the Maya and lately many others have been using the Tzolk’in to help them ride the waves of energies facilitating the evolution of Consciousness.

Many years ago, I translated the Tzolk’in into sound; primarily motivated to manifest a tool that would dynamically and reliably assist people in their personal Awakening. By using the Tzolk’in’s higher frequency cycles expressed in the sound register, the individual’s physical and emotional and mental bodies are able to easily align with them and to more effectively reduce the resistance of the material plane’s density in order to physically, emotionally and mentally ascend into higher levels of personal being.. That alignment causes are remarkable decrease in physical stress and emotional flux and volatility as well as a rewiring of the brain so the user is able to think more lucidly and to more easily access higher levels of Consciousness. That alignment makes it much easier to get through this period and to go with the Flow of the Awakening in order to shift into the New vessel each of us is here to be for Love and light to increase here. One of the best of my products for that process is the “Mayan Book of Wisdom”

There are others who have also creating media to help people navigate the Awakening. Using “ascension” or “awakening” on Youtube or Vimeo will bring up many vids explaining what I’ve explained above, some which were produced as meditations. Also, there is an increasing use of what are known as “Solfeggio Tones”, frequencies that have remarkable effects in transforming us on mental, emotional and physical levels; I suggest looking into those too; in fact, you can download a set of them from my web site.

(There are many ancient stories of angels, ETs, Elves and other higher dimensional being genetically merging with humans. These are not just myths.) During the Awakening, the Veil between dimensions (e.g. the energy field that prevents us from seeing angels) is lifted and many people will begin to sense that we are not here alone and many will begin to perceive that they are not only human. During this Time, many people are becoming aware of ET or “starseed” encodings in their DNA, as well as encodings from other higher dimensional beings. (This might seem really “out there” and somewhat of a joke, but, if you feel what you could best describe as “ET sensibilities”, you might wanna take this test, Starseed Quiz, to determine the probability of your having lived in other solar systems. It’s been duplicated on many web sites, but this one is one of the easiest to take and calculate the answers. If your score is in the 90th percentile, this web sites may be of value to you: The Sound of Light and Royal-Priest.) If you feel that you may have Elven energies active or becoming activated within you, this web site may be of great assistance to you: Regardless of what may come up for you in this regard, you can talk about it with me. 😉


That’s what the Awakening is all about. It’s a periodic galactic occurrence, irrespective of any religion or philosophy. People have perceived its coming for millennia and have described, defined and qualified it in the context of their individual belief systems and religions, but It’s simply not limited to any belief system or religions and is happening whether people accept It or not. [People can refuse to acknowledge, believe and accept that the Sun’s going to throw massive amounts of radiation at the planet through a CME, but the Sun’s going to do it anyway, whether people choose to agree and whether or not they choose to prepare for it.] It’s here, now, and in Its final stages; we’re not just in the 11th hour – we’re in the last half of the 11 hour’s 59th minute.

In summary, imagine being a small fish and living in the top 100 feet of the ocean all your life, with the sandy ocean floor at the bottom of those 100 feet. Then, imagine the ocean floor dropping down 7 miles – that would radically shift your reality about the place in which you live wouldn’t it? Or, imagine being a fish and suddenly becoming an amphibian and walking out on to land and seeing the night sky above you with a gazillion stars shining. Same sort of shift of consciousness would occur. Well, that’s what’s happening now; the Earth and all life upon it are undergoing similar radical shifts. We’re being changed, the way we experience and understand the universe around us and within us is being so radically transformed that we’re nearing the end of the world as we know it; not the end of the world, just the end of the way we’ve known it and of the way we’ve known ourselves. Becoming
a) aligned with the Divine Spirit (at least by opening your heart and asking that One to just be with you and walk with you and communicate with you, on a daily basis, notwithstanding the experience of becoming born again, in a Christian sense), as well as
b) aligning yourself with the energies that are facilitating this major Transformation (on a daily basis), and
c) connecting with others [even if it’s just 1-3 people] with whom you’re able to be open and transparent about the changes you’re experiencing and get support and insight from them, (without being concerned that they will laugh at you or think or speak negatively about you)
will help you in your personal Awakening. As regards the latter, you have me. As regards the former, how you do that is up to you, but I can tell you that the Divine Spirit is already hovering all over you, so you don’t need to stretch to make that connection; you just have to acknowledge that the Spirit is with you simply through prayer, not as in formal, structured ritual, but in casual conversation, as you do with close friends. Spirit has been speaking to you and will speak to you through your intuition, until you learn to distinguish Its Voice from your own thoughts. Tip: You know when you’re having a new song come through and “something” within you says things like “go up”, “go down”, “hear that note, the one that will make this chord richer – find it”, then you do it and you get goosebumps from the result; that’s the Spirit speaking to you. Mainly, don’t be afraid; just be aware, breathe, breathe, breathe and be led by the Spirit through the changes, to the right tools and the right people to best assist your progression into the New you.

Be blessed, my friend. <3<3<3

10 Relatively Simple Steps to Being Your Dream Come True

by Rev. Michaele de Cygne
Copyright by de Cygne. All rights reserved.

The Principle:

Consciousness came before the Big Bang. Hence, Consciousness is not limited by Time/Space. You are a quantum of Consciousness. Hence, you are not limited by Space/Time. Atoms are mostly empty space, hence your body is mostly empty space. You can fill your empty space with your Consciousness and use the latent power of the universe within your own personal matter to manifest and materialize the Highest Expression of You.

How? There are many paths leading to that destination, some longer and/or more systematized and hierarchical than others. Perhaps this relatively simple one may work for you.

The Practice:

1) Rid yourself of selfish and fear-based self projections. The “you” that you wish to be in order to show somebody else that you’re significant or “good enough”, to prove to yourself that you’re significant or “good enough”, to disprove somebody else’s negative projections and/or statements about you, etc.; choose to let go of all of them. They’re part of your mundane self and, since they are not generated by Love, they limit Love’s flow through you and prevent you from being able to perceive and manifest your true, higher, spiritual Self, which is ultimately an expression of Love. (Without Love, your self projections are mundane and as effective in making your dreams come true as using sand to brush your teeth is in preserving your dental enamel.)

2) Consider what comes most naturally to you, the things that you do with the greatest ease and that give those who experience them the most consistently positive experiences. Understand that THAT is part of who you naturally are; it’s the most sincere and significant expression of the gifts and talents and capabilities of Consciousness flowing through you that the universe requires most of you. That’s the crux of your most genuine Self expression; that’s the gist of your heart’s desire relative to the contribution you came here to make to the world.

3) With Love being your sole motivation for doing so, focus your Self expression, (the greatest possible expression that you can imagine of the Consciousness you are, with Its gifts and talents and capacities) – not based on trying to be like anyone else, but an expression that is unique and particular to you. For instance, you might be brilliant in science and wish to be like Einstein, Salk, Watson or Crick…, or you might be brilliant with music and wish to be like Mozart or Coltrane or Liszt or Fitzgerald…, or you might be great with leading people and wish to be like Alexander the Great or Genghis Khan or Gen. Patton… or you might be great at simply making people feel good or at being able to find the best places to just sit and daydream. If there are or have been others who represent some of your Self ideals, use them as models to more easily focus your Self image.

While it’s okay to model yourself after someone famous who has or who’s had the same abilities as you, just for the sake of focusing your thoughts, use them only as examples of what you can imagine as possible for you, rather than trying to be like them. Understand, you have similar gifts, talents and capacities, however you are unique, just as there are gazillions of stars, but every star is unique and shines in its own corner of the heavens – you can’t shine in another star’s place, so know that as you have your own body, you have your own place to shine and it’s perfect for you.

4) Also understand that your thoughts are things, they are as light and they have substance; they are energy and flow like water and have mass. With that understanding, fill your personal empty space with your thoughts of you being your ultimate Self expression, as facts of who you are NOW, fully activated, fully operational, fully manifested, fully materialized in the present, not as a future expression of you. It may help to imagine your empty space as a big movie screen, then project the movie of your Self expression onto it. It may help to imagine your empty space is a big snow globe, then fill it with the fluid of your imagined Self expression. Whatever visualization works best for you, work it! Then,

HOLD THAT THOUGHT – regardless of your own self doubt, regardless of the disbelief and dissing that others may express toward you about who you perceive and know yourSelf to be, regardless of how much time it takes to shift your thoughts from the mental plane into your/our physical space. Everyday, at least shortly after awakening and just before going to sleep, pour your Self image into all the empty space of your body’s atoms and live each day knowing your body is a big container for the light fluid of your fully manifested Self image as well as an huge, living projector of it into the universe beyond your body.

5) Your body is literally made of stardust, therefore it carries with it the memory of and capacity for nuclear fusion. In fact, the DNA in each of your body’s cells is constantly emitting light, as laser pulses! In other words, your body is literally your own, personal nuclear reactor!!

See the energy of your embodied thoughts drawing from the nuclear energy of your body’s atoms. Imagine the mass that is the full manifestation of your Self image within you becoming more dense as it draws your atomic energy into itSelf. Also, see your manifested Self image becoming brighter with Its accumulation of your nuclear energy. Thus, the substance of your highest Self expression becomes more dense and brighter, every day, every hour, every minute, every second, every millisecond, every nanosecond… – HOLD THAT THOUGHT in your personal space.

6) Light + Love = electricity + magnetism = electromagnetic radiation = all starlight and all matter in the universe. With Love as your motivation for expressing your highest Self perception, you have a magnetic energy that draws your personal light/nuclear energy to itself, in order to create an increasingly denser and more dynamic expression of the Consciousness you are. Make sure you’re practicing this process because you love others enough to give their lives the blessing of yourSelf as your dream come true. As you do, imagine them experiencing you as your fully manifested Self image and being happy that you’re a part of their lives, even if that part is indirect, (such as you being a celebrity who inspires others whom you may never actually meet.) That’s very important to your success!!

7) The more you apply the steps above, the more dense your Self image becomes, thus the more mass it acquires and the more gravity you attract to yourself and your Self image. The more gravity that’s associated with your Self image, the more your Self image shifts Space/Time to itSelf. The more your embodied Self image shifts Space/Time to itSelf, the more your circumstances and life conditions conform to and represent the facts of your Self image. The more Space/Time shifts, conforms to and represents the facts of your Self image, the more rapidly others experience your Self image as their perception and reality of you. Reread that and ponder on it.

8) Make the steps above part of your daily process and, as you do, think BIG and hold that thought (your embodied Self image), as Light, in Love. Think BIG and hold that thought, as Light, in Love. Think BIG and hold that thought, as Light, in Love and

9) Speak it!! Summarize your Self image into a simple statement and, as you are applying the visualization process above, speak it, using [the Judeo-Christian understanding of] God’s example, i.e. “I am THAT; I am!” If you love cooking and you have a deep desire to help others to learn how to easily cook healthy meals for themselves and others, while holding your Self image, you might say, “I am reaching millions of people every day, helping them to learn how to cook in the simplest, most enjoyable way; I am!” Or, if you’re good in carpentry and your heart’s desire is to build homes for impoverished refugees, you might say, “I’m blessed to be able to give by building homes in which thousands of refugees may live; I am!” Or “I am a world champion [in my sport]; I am!” Or “I am a doctor [in my field of expertise]; I am!” Or “I am the greatest teacher in the world; I am!” The shorter the better and those that rhyme work better than those that don’t rhyme.

Whatever your Self image is, when you’ve developed a simple, comprehensive, to the point affirmative statement of who you aRe, speak it for 15-20 minutes at the beginning and ending of your day and every moment during the day that you’re able to do so, e.g. when you look at your hands or feet or your reflection in the mirror and see your body filled with the fluid of your Self image. (If you’d prefer to use a mantra that’s consistent with your religious practices and ultimately serves to manifest yourSelf as the highest expression of Supreme Being, cool; go for it.) The more you speak it, the better – always WITH FEELING – and whispers are as effective as affirmations spoken at normal volume. And, as you are speaking it, with feeling, also feel it reverberating through the fluid of your Self image that’s filling the empty space of your body, thereby using the vibration of sound to augment the vibration of light, hence the density, potency and radiance of your Self manifestation.
(By the way, it’s okay to modify your affirmation as you progress, making it more poignant, easier to remember, quicker to speak…; just remember, KISS – keep it simple, sweetheart.)

10) As an expression of the Consciousness that came before the Big Bang, you’ll be most successful when you allow the Consciousness that you are to Be the perfect expression of Love that It desires to Be through you. Do your part to separate your higher spiritual Self from your mundane self, to focus your Self image, (generated by and receive from Love), and fill your vessel/body with that image, (combined with Love), then trust the Highest Consciousness, of Which you are a quantum, to arrange your personal circumstances, the universe around you, even the very fabric of Space/Time to complete the process of your highest Self expression in the ways that are perfect for you, most balanced for the universe as a whole and in perfect timing for the highest good to be yielded by your Be-ing.

As I mentioned earlier, there are many paths to reach the goal of Self manifestation. Some are religions, some are philosophies, some are modern self development courses, etc.. Ultimately, all of those that work incorporate each of these steps in some way. This synthesis of many paths is not difficult to practice; it only requires a willingness to love, to allow yourself to see yourSelf and your capacities beyond your ego and/or your fears, (i.e. to see your ideal life as a possibility of how Love desires to Be through you), as well as a little daily discipline and the perseverance to practice these 10 steps and to continue doing so until you’re outwardly living the Truth of your inner dream. Feel free to apply any processes, course work, scriptures, rituals etc. that help you make any of these steps most effective for you, but remember – keep it simple, sweetheart.

Blessed be!