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Messages To My Twin Flame: One

Por Voce, Querida


DreAMLog: Initiation — Days 1-15

It’s been 15 days since I finished my personal DreAM (module). It’s built on technology I developed many years ago; SGS, or Synaptic Generation System. The SGS promotes the interconnection of both new, and existing neurons. In some ways, results may be predictable. In fact, some of the expected results have occurred. What’s most interesting, of course, is the unexpected.


The (HyperAxon) SGS revealed that this technology may enable a person to experience a consciousness akin to what Hindus call “samadhi”, in 12-14 days. To get there, with that resource, a specific process must be engaged. Rather than engaging that process with DreAM, I opted for experimenting with combining kundalini yoga pranayama techniques, and the DreAM instructions.

Although I didn’t experience the familiar (SGS) consciousness shift, I did, in fact, experience a deepening of awareness that is more than [estimated] 40% of what I experienced with the SGS. I realized that on [what I would have expected, had I only used the instructions] the 13th day of use, perceiving both thought stream, emotional stream, and visual perception as “extra-fundamental” to who I Am, i.e. not inherent to my Self. Not in a dissociative way; more like a transcendent, neutral, observer way, a la samadhi. Is cool.

Regarding the pranayama, my DreAM vision board (VB) thricely repeats during the course of DreAM‘s encoding process, therefore, I have found that it’s easy to do several minutes of sodarshan, fire breath, and kapalbhati, one per VB repetition, respectively. This practice actually began when I didn’t have time to do that pranayama routine, and DreAM, and get to work on time. (Presently, I don’t see the added value of doing that. The familiar samadhi-like consciousness shift is more immediately affected by sticking to the instructions. However, I am experiencing a remarkably clearer awareness of how to use DreAM, in a practical sense, that may be, in part, a consequence of the added awareness that the pranayama is meant to affect.)


A lot of unexpected has happened; so much so, that I decided to begin this DreAMLog just to keep track of it. I’ll do my best to encapsulate what I’ve experienced.

Early on, within a few days, I began to feel what may best be described as an “elevator drop” sensation; for one to two seconds, I felt as though my brain entered a suspended, deep theta [brain wave] meditation place, for an instant, then shot back up to alpha. (In other words, it was like going from the lucid dreaming to wakefulness, in less than the drop of a hat.) For convenience, I’ll herein refer to that as the “displacement rush” (DR). Coming back into the wakeful side, so to speak, I consistently felt somewhat like I was reentering my body, particularly with respect to my spine–which is where I got the idea to apply pranayama to the mix. Gradually, the duration of that experience increased to circa 5-7 seconds; with the increase came a broadened awareness, and understanding of Love–relative to Love being applied Power; and, most importantly, the importance of respecting, and implementing what was being revealed to me, with respect to my DreAM progress.

The Power of Love in the use of DreAM

[Frankly, the following awareness, and understanding of Love came about, most likely, as a consequence of recent experiences I have had with twin flame Love. As I nave perceived, the difference between romantic love, and twin flame Love, is that the latter’s beginnings are the former’s peak. The former aspires to a state of unconditional love, that really is beyond corruptibility. Much personal process is involved in getting there, gradually, and generally eradicating individual shadow, hopefully moving into a mutual degree of Light lending itself to the awareness, and understanding of their relationship as a vessel, and dynamic expression unconditional Love, and of Love’s Light. However, twin flame Love begins in that unconditional, aware state, requiring much personal processing to stay there, and proceed from there into being greater than te sum of their parts as expressions of Love, and of Love’s Light. The only experience I have had of Love that is so pure, and powerful, albeit infinitely more potent, is my experience of Divine Love; it is very powerful, and life + consciousness changing. But, I questioned, how does the user apply that Power in the context of DreAM?

The “trick” is to perceive Love as Supreme Being, without reference to anthropomorphic representations, e.g. God, Goddess, sex, and gender. Love is the Source of all, so, in the context of using DreAM, it’s most effective when first centering oneself in Love, and imagining allowing Love to permeate every Higgs Boson within each atom of her, or his body. With such intimate relationship, the ego has no footing. Imagining herself, or himself floating in the Center, (or Heart) of Love disables the ego from having more than a fleeting influence on the user’s mind. In that Center, the user must just breathe, as per instructions, and allow Love to assist her, or him in all aspects of focus, concentration, and mindfulness relative to DreAM usage.

Maintaining my focus on Love, while maintaining the instructed usage behavior, and the pranayama experiment, enables me to smoothly ride the flow, and ebb of the DR. Being able to smoothly ride the DR results in a sense that there are fewer neurological impediments to DreAM‘s encoding process; i.e. that the software, and brain, are dynamically working together along the paths of least resistance.

The Sense of “Being Here” (BH)

One of the most remarkable, unexpected experiences is the sense that I am experiencing the images of my vision board a present reality. In my vision board, I have video clips representing my fulfilled dreams. Some of them are of places around the world in which I’d like to own homes, (for my personal use). While using the module, I am IN those places, with full sensory awareness; albeit only for a fleeting second, or two. It’s more like “I’m Here!”, than “I’m there!” THAT is REAL Dream Shift–exactly what Spirit told me to expect, hence the URL “”. Considering the normal increase of duration in favorable results consequent to sustained use, I expect that sense of BH to increase.

What does that bode for mental stability, relative to psychosis-like experiences; when the extended time of BH becomes a voluntary experience, one that may be sustained for minutes? If I engage a BH experience of my life in another part of the world, while walking down a street in my home city, will I be expediting the concurrent habitation paradigm, or will I be affecting a quasi-split personality something, or another? Perhaps, it will be like a sci-fi plot where, as a consequence of being powered by Love, I will experience the ability to blink out of one place, and into another, at will. (Talk about being a potential fly – on – the – wall!! What privacy laws cover THAT behavior? “So THAT’s what Your Majesty’s majesty really looks like!” Hahahahahaha…)

General Lifestyle Change

My lifestyle norm, for decades, has been “workaholic, creative genius” mode. Not sustainable. Since beginning DreAM, I have noticed that I increasingly care less about the ego-important concerns, and am allowing myself to care more about, pay more attention to, and experience more of the things that really matter; e.g. people, acoustic music, the sounds of nature, making sense of my hard drive’s file system, the Gummi Bears…; (I’m really diggin’ Gusto these days. A Gummi after my own heArt.)

The diminishing of ego, as a consequence of using DreAM in the context of Love is probably the most significant, and important change. Thankfully, I chose every image of my vision board, (more than 3500–yes, that’s thirty-five hundred, not including video clips), intuitively while with, and within Love.

Merger of All Levels of Personal Consciousness

One of the most recent developments is the understanding that, as a result of intuitively selecting my images, my subconsciousness mind is directly interfacing with my conscious mind while using the module. That is the source of the DR. My conscious mind seems like “the director”, telling myself to “just breathe”, or “stay in sync with the oscillator”, and similar piloting commands, so to speak. while my subconscious is informing my brain of the meanings, and contexts of the various symbols/images. However, I sense myself drawing on the superconscious via maintaining the visualization of myself within a field of Divine Light, generated by the activity of Love through me, while performing the DreAM usage instructions.

The most immediate affect I can perceive is a remarkable sense of having an overview perspective, particularly with respect to seeing the backstory behind people’s behavior, (i.e. it’s like being able to see into their akashic records, to understand how they became who they are presenting themselves to be–ergo a remarkable increase in compassion[!]), and an apparent remarkable increase in remote viewing clarity, as though I used to see through breath-frosted windows, and now see through cleaner, clearer glass.


I am pleased to note that I am experiencing an increase of general clarity of mind, with respect to my work in IT; using DreAM seems to be helping me to see paths of least resistance, lessening work stress. That is consistent with the normal consequences of regular brain exercise, and of HyperAxon software usage.

I am increasingly thinking I am the change I have represented in my vision board, and am now beginning to experience a slight puzzlement; kinda like scratchin’ my head, wondering why the old is still evident, since the new has displaced it. I’ll regard that as what it is; detachment from the temporal–or, maybe, it’s simply an emotional detachment from one temporal paradigm, in preference of more preferred temporal paradigm. If so, presently, I choose to think of it as a move from a Love-less life, to a Love-more life, and that, in and of itself, is worth the effort to build DreAM.

Welcoming Myself Back

It has been more than 3 years since I have blogged. My last entry was shortly before my mother, with my assistance, initiated a bold return to Seattle, WA, after living on the East Coast for 11 years. Her boldness cost her her life; she passed the following July. The following October was my formal entry into my personal Dark Night of the Soul.

For you astrologically-minded, Saturn was transiting Scorpio, ergo my moon, and all but 3 degrees of my 12th House. “F^(%!ng InTENSE!!!” is a gross understatement. I am led by Spirit, and went through that Night in Spirit, so I am pleased to say I had all the help, and resources I needed, when I needed them, to get through it. Kicked my ass, though. Certainly, the term “Dark Night” is more than allegorical, and more than a poetic season of despair. Everything one loves, one loses. Normal sadness is a smile, by comparison. Astrologically, I am set to experience it again in circa 30 years. Looking back on the first time it happended, it totally sucked then too! Sh**sometimes, periodicity is a royal biyatch!! At least, the next time, I’ll be hindsighted enough, and rich enough to have a deep cushion upon which to fall, and Love enough, and with enough people to love me, and to be Love with me, not to care about all that may be lost–may G-d forbid the loss of my twin flame, and our children; as well as them losing me!!

During that Night, thanks to the help of an excellent psychologist, and an excellent therapist, and I learned that I have been living with PTSD since childhood. When I researched the effect of PTSD on the brain, looking for pics, I saw the shriveling that happens. Knowing my brain was represented by those images, and that I create software to increase brain functionality, primarily via engendering synaptic generation, I decided to create a product specifically designed to prompt such a massive degree of synaptic generation that the PTSD brain would be prompted to regenerate itself. I named that product, “Restoration“. In the course of building Restoration, I perceived an advanced version that would enable people to “write” images of dreams fulfilled into their brains, so their brains perceive those images as the user’s present reality. That became “DreAM“, the Dream Activation Module; and Restoration became an abridged version of DreAM. Considering the fact that PTSD sufferers have enough to challenge them, financially, I decided to freely provide Restoration; it’s on Youtube, for all who wish to use it.

What will I share, moving forward? Well, for starters. I am considering a regular log of my experiences with DreAM, i.e. my DreAMLog. Certainly, there will be more Tzolkin Word 4 the Day posts, and other inspirational, or informative/research things. Suffice it to say that, as important as restoring normalcy to one’s life is, following such a Dark experience, I am glad to include my return to blogging as a part of that personal restoration. (I was never a heavy blogger, but, three years of absence is a big chunk of being out of service.)