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DreAMLog ~ Day 36 — Major New Developments


What’s happened this morning is so profoundly progressive, I prefer to ponder it, more than to try to verbalize it for your understanding.

Allowing Love to Lead

Based on earlier DreAMLog events, I began with a pre-DreAM meditation, immersing myself within Love. Then, I imagined that Love flowing through me, entirely–through my spirit, mind, emotional body, and physical body. The latter, I imagined flowing outward from every Higgs Boson of every atom of my body–MAJOR, unabated, and unlimited flow of Love through me.

Then, (as an outpouring of my Charismatic Christian experience), I imagined the Anointing [(see Holy Bible, Old Testament, Book of Isaiah 11:2) i.e. the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, the Spirit of Counsel and Might, and the Spirit of Knowledge and the Fear of God–[by “fear of God” it means that frame of mind wherein you don’t get all Mickey Mouse, (like Mickey did in the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” part of Walt Disney’s “Fantasia”), when you’re handling the Power of G-d].
Then, I imagined the Anointing turning into the Blood of Jesus.

[Now, for those of you who are reading this, and wondering “WHAT is she talking about??”, here’s an esoteric philosophy, (or metaphysical if you prefer), framework for you to get it:

All matter is subject to Spirit. A person may spiritually direct energy into matter, thus altering the nature of that matter.

The Higgs Boson is the smallest component of the atom; its energy gives form to mass. For that reason, some people call it “the God Particle”. So, if Spirit is dynamically flowing through that which gives form to mass, the all the mass subsequent to the Higgs Boson becomes Spirit-mass, ergo Spirit-matter.

If the Anointing is flowing though the Higgs Boson, then the subsequent matter is Anointing-mass, ergo Anointing-matter. What is the Anointing? It is Christ; the One who came upon Yeshua/Jesus when John the Baptist baptized Him, appearing symbolically as a dove–which made turned Jesus into Jesus Christ.

Take that to the next level, and imagine the Blood of the fully incarnate Christ flowing through each Higgs Boson, and… well… the result is Christ-mass, ergo Christ-matter, ergo, [the vibration of] the individual’s body becomes (that of) a Christ-Body. Sooooo, to meditate into this Self Awareness prior DreAMing was setting the stage for some seriously wonderful experiences.]

     Next, I imagined that Love being [for lack of a better way to express it] Twin Flame Love; (i.e. an incredible, unconditional Love experience beyond any experience of Love I have ever experienced in my reasonably long life. Suffice it to say that Twin Flame Love begins where romantic love hopes to end.) Then, I just floated within the Space of the Love, allowing it to both support, and to flow through me. As I did so, I was aware of how little ego was there. Effectively, only the most essential, survival level of ego was present.

Gazing at the “DreAMGrid”, i.e. the fundamental graphic image of DreAM’s entire Base Code, (a chromatically sequential Tzolkin). I gazed at the center, where DreAM’s center dot appears, until the light within every sphere of the Grid became blazing white–then, I proceeded with my morning’s DreAMing.

“Hearing” the Consciousness of DreAM’s Code Sequences

Technical Background: Each DreAM (and Restoration) Sequence has an initialization sequence wherein each of the individual patterns of Code at individually expressed, in order for the brain to uniquely recognize them. Progressively, they are combined, and synchronized. The collective pattern recognition experience is what provides the brain stimulation that prompts the brain to generate new synapses. However, most importantly, each of those patterns is part of a Code communicatiing Virtues of Divine Consciousness. Each pattern does so in a holistic manner, meaning although there are 20 specific Virtues being communicated, each pattern has a piece of each of the Virtues within it–even those patterns that are exclusively communicating one of those 20 Virtues.

     This morning, as I was progressing through the initialization sequence, I had what is best described as an experience of hearing what each pattern was “saying”. The vibration within me was very much like the kind I receive from hearing the Word of God, or someone saying something that uplifts my spirit. No verbage, but definitely a verbage experienced vibe, so to speak. Recognizing I was “hearing” the Messages, I just sat, observantly, waiting to see how that would play out when the patterns began to combine.

As the patterns combined, the sense of hearing did not wane, nor did it increase in volume, nor was there any sense of hearing cross talk. It was like a deeper communication. Then, I realized that the Message of the Base Code is “Transformer-ized” by DreAM’s design. Hence, as each pattern is added to the DreAM broadcast, it greatly expands the diameter of the previous set of pattern’s transmission. That means the Message becomes richer, more intricate, more intimate.

THEN, I realized that I was experiencing Universal Consciousness communicating with the Consciousness within me. I as a field of Consciousness, outside of, yet inclusive of my body, and the Greater (or Great Spirit) Consciousness Field was communicating with my field. Soon, I began to feel warm, all over; what the Great Spirit Consciousness was communicating was having a kinetic effect in my body, in a radiant, non-localized manner. Like the “mmmmm” I used to feel after drinking warm milk and honey.

I Am Not My Body; My Body is a Subset of Me

Soon thereafter, I realized that my self-awareness had progressed beyond my body, to the extent that it seemed like my body was within me, rather than the inverse. That extra-somatic sensory awareness was trippy, because I could feel my body fully functioning, however, the entire perspective was like my perspective of my lungs, or stomach, or something, as I may be sitting in a chair. Just as my organs, and bodily functions are subsets of my somatic experience, my entire somatic experience became a subset of my Consciousness experience. It was not “out of body”, per se; it was more like “suprasomatic self-awareness“.

Leaving Little Room for Doubt That the DreamShift is Real

{From your perspective, especially if you are cynical, skeptical, to dedicated to the Scientific Method, or otherwise disinclined to consider my experience having any “real” basis in my physiological, or psychological experience, what I just shared may seem like my illusive, if not delusional fantasy. BUT–and, ouch, I still feel the memory of this–my next experience convinced me that I was having a more dynamically interdimensional experience than I may theretofore have ever had.}

I was masking my Om intonations with music. At one point, with my headphones on, I misperceived nature sounds preceding some harp music as a serious malfunction of my audio system. Reflexively, I shifted my attention toward my audio system, and began to physically turn my head in that direction, “just to see…”. As I reflexively began to likewise turn my body, I immediately felt like I was pushing myself into a heart attack!!

Suddenly, my heart felt a fist had grabbed it, yanking my attention back to my body. I realized that my reflexive actions, and my abrupt pain were probably directly related, so, I immediately refocused on DreAM’s center dot, and on breathing, deeply, and rhythmically, and not reacting, or responding to the huge wave of fear that was hitting me. The DRs, and the mindfulness mediation, had prepared me for that moment; I was able to simply able to be observant of the pain, and the shock to my senses, without thinking about the “what”, or “why” of the happening in that moment. Within 30 seconds, the pain in my heart had fully waned, however, the flow of heart attack-like symptoms continued, but as though they were somewhat mandatory, and completely disconnected by the interim of time between them.

The next sensation was of something sharp piecing me at the inner edge of my left shoulder blade, near my heart. That was followed by the signature heart attack warning pain in the upper left arm. Later, I realized my lower left forearm, all the way to the tips of the fingers of my left hand had gone numb. Each of those events was separated by at least 60 seconds.

Rather than overlapping, as they do in what I understand to be actual heart attack experiences, each one fully waned before the next commenced, to the extent that my mind did not regard them as part of the same event. Nonetheless, I had an apparently real medical concern arise from a meditation experience that elevate Self expression to a whole new, practical level. Basically, that underscored what I have been saying, more eloquently, since I first started developing DreAM, “Don’t #^@% around with this!”

And, all that, for as much as it was, was just this morning’s DreAM experience!!


DreAMLog ~ Day 35

Today, I used DreAM as instructed. The DRs are less frequent, but they’re deeper, and longer. Not much that is remarkable to report; too challenged by painful memories that my psyche is confronting, generally. DreAM’s emphasis on the user experiencing herself, or himself as observer of mind, and psyche, rather than active, dynamic participant in thoughts, and/or emotions is helpful in that regard. (That is being augmented by a 6 week immersion in Vippasana Meditation; this being Week 4.)

Aaaahh, there IS one very remarkable development; one that is a direct outgrowth of my mediation focus this week. While observing my own societally conditioned judgement of other people, based on their appearance, or possible reasons for irksome behavior, I realized that I am able to completely avoid that judgment if I am simply observing, without cultural associations. In other words, rather than seeing a man who is an apparently indigent street person in that light, by simply noting, “adult man. dirty clothes, and hair. unpleasant smell. not like the usual person I see”, as though I am a baby, just taking it all in, but not having the conditioning to make the value judgments. I tried that; it’s a very quick course corrector, in that regard.

Now, I understand what Yeshua meant by saying a person needs to become like a little child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The Love that that Kingdom is doesn’t make such value judgments in Its assessment of us, so the only way to align our consciousness with that Consciousness, is to vibrate enharmonically, so to speak, by adopting such childlike behavior. That adoption is fulfilled by choice; by simply stopping my value judgment to see an awning, and to be mindful of it, and the building to which it connected, or other things in the user’s immediate field of vision.

DreAMLog ~ Day 34


INTERESTING!! This morning, I had the sensation that I was moving into (the DreAM’s] Dream, as it was also moving into me. Within me, it was as though the substance of the Dream was flowing outward from my brain, and spine, into my arms. Wow! THAT is the DreamShift!!!


More DreamShift. Definite, bilateral (so to speak) movement, and simultaneous–although awareness is of either one, or the other. At this point, the awareness of the Shift whereby I enter my Dream eclipses my awareness of my Dream radiantly entering my 3D Life expression, and vice verse. Naturally, that will move to a simultaneous awareness of both aspects of the DreamShift.

Cognitive Enhancements

Increased ability to connect the dots, so to speak, in a “far sighted” manner; i.e. my ability to see things from the CEO perspective increases, however, my ability to see how the nuts and bolts, i.e. the workfloor workflow remains impaired (by symptoms of PTSD, depression, and physical illness. DreAM demands a profound lifestyle change, not to mention change of self-thinking about oneself. The process, if progressed mindfully, may bring the user to the most profound revelations, however, “profound” is the operative word, and that means deeeep.

Going deep into the stuff of the mind, and psyche, like DreAM does, probably brings on some feelings that vibe like those of being depressed. Certainly, I am very tired after using DreAM, which may bring on melancholy that my mind interprets as depression.)

Better OverView of the Forest

Best thing is the increased ability to see the “network” of the big picture with more clarity, and reliably so. I put off using my HyperAxon software throughout building DreAM–10 months. I was going through things that really would have been best to transit with the aid of my software, however, I really wanted to see what DreAM does to the person who is critically, cognitively impaired by stress, depression, and PTSD. Since I am both the scientist, and the laboratory of this beta test, I needed to create the best possible conditions for getting an accurate understanding of DreAM’s cognitive enhancement effects; hence, avoiding the software’s benefits during the development process.

I am pleased to say that, barring interruptions my experimentations imposed upon the results curve, (the expected graph of the results (y), over time (x), based solely on the prescribed usage), I am pleased to see what’s taking place; things are progressing in an interesting [neuro]logical manner.

Post DreAMing Energy Wane

My need to sleep after DreAM is increasing too–but, that entire paradigm needs to be considered in light of the fact that I have been seriously challenged by my workaholic, 4-hour sleep pattern, so, even though I am not working, favoring DreAM, my meditation, and yoga practices, and spending time with old, and new friends, I simply have not got enough sleep this week for that increased sleep need to be clearly attributed to DreAM. Nonetheless, the post-DreAM power nap is really an invaluable observance.

DreAMLog ~ Day 33

Getting Back On Track

Today began well. I ended “yesterday” a few hours before today began, laying down to sleep, after DreAMing, circa 7PM, and arising at 9PM to begin my day anew. Began it with DreAM, sans pranayama. I felt as though I am getting back on track with making the most of DreAM.

The Return Of The Displacement Rush (DR)

I had noticed that my experiences of DRs had waned as I slipped into the once-a-day DreAMing cycle. During this morning’s DreAMing, the second in 24 hours, the DRs returned, but more gracefully; i.e. just slipping through the phase shift, rather than being “whoooshed” through it, so to speak. Apparently, as I was guided when developing it, DreAM must be used twice a day for real change to be experienced.

The Dream Begins to Materialize Within, and Through Me!

During the past two times of DreAMing, especially this morning’s, in addition to feeling like I am actually in scenes of places, and actually experiencing things like being in the interior of my dream ride, or dream home, or feeling the full sensory experience of any given part of my DreAM, I am feeling the sensation that is best described as the materialization of my Dream beginning to move into my tissues, via my nervous system, radiating outward from my spine.

So far, it feels as though the substance of my Dream is gradually filling my body, with the extent of being near the outward ends of my clavicles, coursing through my shoulder blades. Moving downward, the outer reaches of the radius of the radiance is at the point where my ribs begin to round toward the front of my thorax, effectively the same radius from my spine as radiation extends through the shoulder blades. To the best of my ability to make an applicable, contemporary cultural analogy, it’s like what I imagine Wolverine experienced when his skeleton was being replaced by adamantium, [but , just the corresponding pressure, with zero of the pain–Erulaitale!]

Chakra Empowerment Through Intoning

This morning, while projecting the Om into my 3rd eye, the potency of the vibration in the corresponding point on my spine, (i.e. 1st cervical vertebra, at my brain stem), became intense, more so than the intensity of the vibration in the area of my 3rd eye, and to the extent where my eyes began to hurt. It nearly felt like a brain freeze, without the freezing cold, (for that matter, without any cold at all.) Whenever I eased up on the tone in my 3rd eye, the pressure in the vertebra decreased too; 1:1 correspondence. Interesting!

In my kundalini yoga practice, I have been practicing causing all of my chakras to vibrate in unison while doing the Breath of Fire. I expanded the 3rd eye vibration to span the spinal points of all 7 chakras [of kundalini yoga science], for a few seconds, intermittently. Too early to do more than just to begin to do that; it’s enough to begin to expand the vibration to my throat chakra, and progress from there.

Usage Parameter Experiments, and Tests Done (for the most part)

Glad to be testing the user’s boundaries during this first 1/3rd of the 120-day DreAM “Initiation Cycle”. Getting these things clarified, i.e. whether to chant Om, speak Hallelujah, do nothing but observe, and breathe, etc., is enabling me to pin down what works best for me, and hopefully for everyone, generally. On this 33rd day of DreAMing, (33 being the “Christ number”), it is an excellent beginning for my new, more dynamic, and powerfully expressive Life within [The], through [The], and as [an] Anointed One.

DreAMLog ~ Days 30-32

The past two days have been strange, with respect to timing, and circumstances. As a result, I have DreAMed only once a day, perhaps morning, perhaps afternoon, perhaps evening, or middle of the night.

Need to Sleep

Heavy bouts of sleep coming on me. I am withholding important medications in order to facilitate med test, and that may be a part of the tiredness. Depression is part of it. However, generally, the tiredness like the heavy tiredness I feel after DreAMing. Maybe I am also, subconsciously, experimenting with the Transformation potential of doing it once a day. Maybe Transformation, at this stage, simply needs to be time managed more effectively. Mainly, I need not to give myself “the [horizontal] breather” before DreAMing, i.e. laying down to let go of any extra mental, and/or emotional baggage that I may be holding within my body. Basically, I need to stop babying myself before DreAMing, and switch it up with meditation.

[Note to self: Stop being a pussy; get your ass up, and Do THIS!]

Tentative New Routine
Mediation: 10 min
Focus, (immersing in Love): 1 min; Sodarshan: 3 min; Rest: 1 min; Fire Breath: 2 min;  Relax whole body, feel all chakras vibrating in sync; be within Love, where ego cannot follow.
DreAM: 35 min
Meditation: 15
Allow Nature to integrate what has been gained into microcosm. Regard self radiating inwardly, and outward as comprehensive manifestation of Dream fulfilled.
Yeah, a solid hour. That’s good.

{I just tried that; works nicely, however, the ending meditation requires a LOT mindfulness because its happening during the phase when the body just wants to lay down, absorb, and allocate the stimulation.}


I am spending a lot of time just sitting, thinking, but not really reasoning. Mostly floating, within. Too many possibilities of other, remarkable influences to cite that as an outcome of DreAMing, e.g. Saturn’s return ONTO my ascendant, Venus in retrograde, (my Sun in Libra), having maybe seen too many videos predicting shit hitting the fan on, or circa a specific, date next month, or being oversaturated by the EM [electromagnetic] vibrations of working within the collective vibration of 10’s of thousands of computers in “the basement of the Internet”, while falling back on providing indie IT services here in Silicon Valley for too long. (Needed that fall back though; made DreAM possible.)

Cognitive Enhancements

For the past few days, I have noticed myself being both overwhelmed by stress, albeit also experiencing what are clearly increasing moments of being able to “connect the dots”, in various ways; mostly with respect to determining the path of least resistance to completing tasks, and reaching objectives–generally, and not professionally. It’s as though the air is clearing at the ceiling, after the room has been saturated in heavy smoke.

Ready to Seriously Make Headway
The past three days have helped to enabled me to be test, experiment, and develop a well structured DreAM usage approach that both confirms Wisdom’s guidance about how to use DreAM, and that is experientially both remarkably dynamic, and remarkably, positively, and reliably progressive. Although I may continue to try to tweak things a little here, or there, I am satisfied that I have all the information I need to implement what is, fundamentally, a holistic, and profound personal Transformation experience, such as the one DreAM promises to deliver.

DreamLog ~ Day 29

More visual flashes of vision board as present 3D. Not only that, there is more sensory association as well. While DreAMing, during the DRs (“displacement rushes)”, I am also smelling, and feeling touch sensation, and even flashes of hearing. This is good.

More Experiments With Intoning

I experimented more with intoning “Om”, and just being in Silence. The Om is better because it fully engages the user’s consciousness. Silence allows too much more mental chit-chat. The best alternative to intoning Om is still “Hallelujah:, however, it is important to speak the Hallelujah in the same manner that is most effective for chanting Om.

The Most Effective Way to Intone

The key word here is the last half of intone; tone. The vibration of tone through the body, accompanying the audio, and video, somehow makes the DreAM experience much more potent. However, it’s the vibration that is key, not the tone. In that regard, the user should practice chanting Om until he, or she is able to project it into her, or his third eye. Then, having developed the ability, to do that while also allowing the tone to vibrate in the crown, heart, and root chakras, (as described in an earlier post.)

Into the Third Eye

The way to direct tone into the skull is to pull the tip of the tongue back, slightly, while intoning; 1/2 of an inch makes a big difference. Having developed the ability to vibrate the tone in the chakras, particularly the crown, heart, and root, it’s small step to directing tone into the third eye. That is easily done by

(a) establishing the tone’s vibration, (whether musical, or verbal),
(b) getting the tone to vibrate into the skull by nasalizing the “m” in Om, then
(c) slightly pull back the tip of the tongue, while relaxing the face, particularly the around the nose, and
(d) concentrating on feeling the tone vibrating in the forehead, between the eyebrows.

When he, or she has awareness of the tone vibrating between the eyebrows, she, or he must completely focus her, or his attention on that point. The vibration of the tone will naturally become concentrated in the third eye. With that ability, using tone, the user should practice having the experience with Hallelujah–until every syllable of the word is therein felt.

Intensifying = Signs of Brain Growth

Mid-day, I decided to view the raw vision board while intoning. I was going to go through it only once, however, I decided to repeat it when I got the end of the first round. I stopped before the second round because of the pressure within my head became too intense to continue. Very quickly, I reached the point of brain exercise saturation where, in body building, real muscle growth begins. I felt like I had been cramming for hours, and my brain just couldn’t intake any more information. (That was a trip!)

Increasing Good

I am also noticing how, when good things are coming to me, good things come to other people too; particularly those facilitating good in my direction.

My Sunday Adventure

A dyke and I were literally up a tree in Golden Gate Park. We didn’t know you can’t climb trees there, so, both of us being inspired by a perfect climb-and-perch tree, went for it. (We met on the tree. Her name is “Linda”, and she is, in fact, beautiful.) After circa 1/2 hour, the park rangers showed up, ready to give of citations. We were trying to explain to him that we had no clue, and that the experience of almost being cited was enough, but he wasn’t havin’ it. Finally, I realized the two of us trying to communicate with him would overwhelm him soon, so I walked away to stand nearby, facing away from them. Within a moment, I heard, “Ma’am” behind me, and looked to see the other woman handing me my driver’s license, and the officer nodding that he had decided to let us off the hook. Her good, was my good, and vice verse.

Later, since I was in a restricted area during the Outside Lands Music Festival here, out of the blue, as I was standing during an interlude of dancing to Caribou’s music, another ranger shows up, on my right side, and says, “You’re in a restricted area, and they [his colleagues] are giving those guys over there citations. [whispering] You should go!”, and pointing in the direction of best exit. That was incredible good fortune, and the kind of protection from Love that is commensurate with my Dream.

Such Kindness–(May those who extended it toward me be thricely blessed!)

God’s Grace is Good to Me!!

My being in the Park in the first place was as a result of my responding to God’s suggestion that Spirit and I just hang out, with each other for awhile, since I had a couple of hours to have an adventure. That was God’s grace represented in the form of two law enforcement officers letting me off he hook, within 30 minutes; a financial savings of at least $200! I was saying “Thank You!” to God, repeatedly, for several minutes as I walked back to my car. Is that a manifestation of DreAM working for me? Well, considering all of the inner guidance I received that led me to the parking space I found, only a block from the Park, and to the opening in the perimeter barrier that enabled me to slip into the buffer zone–no, I didn’t suddenly find myself there–and the right place to be to avoid the last citation, and the first person to be with, who finally negotiated our “release” [thank you, Linda!! 😀 ]

Walking In and Within Love Helps Us To Be Here For Each Other…

…when someone may really need us. More later, when I got back to my ‘hood, and found a parking space, it was in front of a home, to which the residents needed to ascend a very high, and winding staircase. An elderly man, probably in his early 80’s lives there, and he arrived home within a moment of my arrival. As I was slowly gathering my things, I was able to watch him as he climbed. I noticed he was intermittently having trouble, so, as he I got out of my car, and stood at the base of the staircase, as he was nearing point where there was a sharp turn in the walkway, circa 3/4 the along the way. A few seconds later, he turned to look behind him, as though his soul was saying, “Gee, that was a doozie!”, and I was there; a person who could have, and was willing to help him, if he had fallen, and needed someone to help him. The look of gratitude on his face was priceless.

Time to Get The Show on The Road

The best thing about that GG Park experience is that I am now, much more highly motivated to get my show onto stage, and tour with it! I watched, and listened to Caribou thinking “My show is much more engaging, more musically literate, more exciting, more practically everything, and I am the only person on stage! I ought to be up there in one of these. If they can be up there, I can SHO’ NUFF be up there!!”

(Thank you, Caribou.)

DreAMLog ~ Day 28

Day 28

The clarity of the vision board is much greater today; like shifting from 2-bit to 4-bit, with flashes of 8-bit. The flashes are wonderful, and exciting. They seem to represent my Dream Shift is taking place, as designed.

Make More Space for the Presence of the Subconscious Mind

I was reminded (by Spirit), of the need for my subconscious to inform my brain of the significance of the images; particularly whether they are symbolic (e.g.  an image of “Success” with Sponge Bob, on the ocean floor) , or representative, (e.g. my ideal… anything; car, house, home, job title, specific sum of business profit). Need to focus on taking more of a Zen meditation approach, i.e. eyes 9/10ths closed… That may allow me to consciously received the DreAM data while–OHHHH, I see; data is only data, so, without the relative information from the subconscious, which I put there during the building of my vision board, the brain will only facilitate additional pattern recognition within it own circuitry. There is already a dynamic link between the conscious and the subconscious, so it’s not about setting up one; it’s about allowing them both to have as close to equal “market share” as possible, apparently in order to allow the [collective] Dream to shift into my reality with more immediacy and less resistance.

I cannot stress the importance of accepting the responsibility for the outcome of the manifestation of the user’s Dream (on the reality of other people’s lives) enough. No one’s Dream manifests without directly impacting on other lives, somehow. Those impacts are not the user’s responsibility, however, the Nature of what is impacting IS her, or his responsibility. Having chosen all of my images responsibly, even those that push my own envelope, as this shift into sensory reality begins, I feel good; I feel good because I know that I can only expect Love, and every aspect, fruit, and outpouring of Love as a consequence of my Dream being fulfilled.