Inside the Mind of a Trans(cendent) Artist


INTERESTING!! This morning, I had the sensation that I was moving into (the DreAM’s] Dream, as it was also moving into me. Within me, it was as though the substance of the Dream was flowing outward from my brain, and spine, into my arms. Wow! THAT is the DreamShift!!!


More DreamShift. Definite, bilateral (so to speak) movement, and simultaneous–although awareness is of either one, or the other. At this point, the awareness of the Shift whereby I enter my Dream eclipses my awareness of my Dream radiantly entering my 3D Life expression, and vice verse. Naturally, that will move to a simultaneous awareness of both aspects of the DreamShift.

Cognitive Enhancements

Increased ability to connect the dots, so to speak, in a “far sighted” manner; i.e. my ability to see things from the CEO perspective increases, however, my ability to see how the nuts and bolts, i.e. the workfloor workflow remains impaired (by symptoms of PTSD, depression, and physical illness. DreAM demands a profound lifestyle change, not to mention change of self-thinking about oneself. The process, if progressed mindfully, may bring the user to the most profound revelations, however, “profound” is the operative word, and that means deeeep.

Going deep into the stuff of the mind, and psyche, like DreAM does, probably brings on some feelings that vibe like those of being depressed. Certainly, I am very tired after using DreAM, which may bring on melancholy that my mind interprets as depression.)

Better OverView of the Forest

Best thing is the increased ability to see the “network” of the big picture with more clarity, and reliably so. I put off using my HyperAxon software throughout building DreAM–10 months. I was going through things that really would have been best to transit with the aid of my software, however, I really wanted to see what DreAM does to the person who is critically, cognitively impaired by stress, depression, and PTSD. Since I am both the scientist, and the laboratory of this beta test, I needed to create the best possible conditions for getting an accurate understanding of DreAM’s cognitive enhancement effects; hence, avoiding the software’s benefits during the development process.

I am pleased to say that, barring interruptions my experimentations imposed upon the results curve, (the expected graph of the results (y), over time (x), based solely on the prescribed usage), I am pleased to see what’s taking place; things are progressing in an interesting [neuro]logical manner.

Post DreAMing Energy Wane

My need to sleep after DreAM is increasing too–but, that entire paradigm needs to be considered in light of the fact that I have been seriously challenged by my workaholic, 4-hour sleep pattern, so, even though I am not working, favoring DreAM, my meditation, and yoga practices, and spending time with old, and new friends, I simply have not got enough sleep this week for that increased sleep need to be clearly attributed to DreAM. Nonetheless, the post-DreAM power nap is really an invaluable observance.

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