Inside the Mind of a Trans(cendent) Artist

Today, I used DreAM as instructed. The DRs are less frequent, but they’re deeper, and longer. Not much that is remarkable to report; too challenged by painful memories that my psyche is confronting, generally. DreAM’s emphasis on the user experiencing herself, or himself as observer of mind, and psyche, rather than active, dynamic participant in thoughts, and/or emotions is helpful in that regard. (That is being augmented by a 6 week immersion in Vippasana Meditation; this being Week 4.)

Aaaahh, there IS one very remarkable development; one that is a direct outgrowth of my mediation focus this week. While observing my own societally conditioned judgement of other people, based on their appearance, or possible reasons for irksome behavior, I realized that I am able to completely avoid that judgment if I am simply observing, without cultural associations. In other words, rather than seeing a man who is an apparently indigent street person in that light, by simply noting, “adult man. dirty clothes, and hair. unpleasant smell. not like the usual person I see”, as though I am a baby, just taking it all in, but not having the conditioning to make the value judgments. I tried that; it’s a very quick course corrector, in that regard.

Now, I understand what Yeshua meant by saying a person needs to become like a little child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The Love that that Kingdom is doesn’t make such value judgments in Its assessment of us, so the only way to align our consciousness with that Consciousness, is to vibrate enharmonically, so to speak, by adopting such childlike behavior. That adoption is fulfilled by choice; by simply stopping my value judgment to see an awning, and to be mindful of it, and the building to which it connected, or other things in the user’s immediate field of vision.


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