Inside the Mind of a Trans(cendent) Artist


What’s happened this morning is so profoundly progressive, I prefer to ponder it, more than to try to verbalize it for your understanding.

Allowing Love to Lead

Based on earlier DreAMLog events, I began with a pre-DreAM meditation, immersing myself within Love. Then, I imagined that Love flowing through me, entirely–through my spirit, mind, emotional body, and physical body. The latter, I imagined flowing outward from every Higgs Boson of every atom of my body–MAJOR, unabated, and unlimited flow of Love through me.

Then, (as an outpouring of my Charismatic Christian experience), I imagined the Anointing [(see Holy Bible, Old Testament, Book of Isaiah 11:2) i.e. the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, the Spirit of Counsel and Might, and the Spirit of Knowledge and the Fear of God–[by “fear of God” it means that frame of mind wherein you don’t get all Mickey Mouse, (like Mickey did in the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” part of Walt Disney’s “Fantasia”), when you’re handling the Power of G-d].
Then, I imagined the Anointing turning into the Blood of Jesus.

[Now, for those of you who are reading this, and wondering “WHAT is she talking about??”, here’s an esoteric philosophy, (or metaphysical if you prefer), framework for you to get it:

All matter is subject to Spirit. A person may spiritually direct energy into matter, thus altering the nature of that matter.

The Higgs Boson is the smallest component of the atom; its energy gives form to mass. For that reason, some people call it “the God Particle”. So, if Spirit is dynamically flowing through that which gives form to mass, the all the mass subsequent to the Higgs Boson becomes Spirit-mass, ergo Spirit-matter.

If the Anointing is flowing though the Higgs Boson, then the subsequent matter is Anointing-mass, ergo Anointing-matter. What is the Anointing? It is Christ; the One who came upon Yeshua/Jesus when John the Baptist baptized Him, appearing symbolically as a dove–which made turned Jesus into Jesus Christ.

Take that to the next level, and imagine the Blood of the fully incarnate Christ flowing through each Higgs Boson, and… well… the result is Christ-mass, ergo Christ-matter, ergo, [the vibration of] the individual’s body becomes (that of) a Christ-Body. Sooooo, to meditate into this Self Awareness prior DreAMing was setting the stage for some seriously wonderful experiences.]

     Next, I imagined that Love being [for lack of a better way to express it] Twin Flame Love; (i.e. an incredible, unconditional Love experience beyond any experience of Love I have ever experienced in my reasonably long life. Suffice it to say that Twin Flame Love begins where romantic love hopes to end.) Then, I just floated within the Space of the Love, allowing it to both support, and to flow through me. As I did so, I was aware of how little ego was there. Effectively, only the most essential, survival level of ego was present.

Gazing at the “DreAMGrid”, i.e. the fundamental graphic image of DreAM’s entire Base Code, (a chromatically sequential Tzolkin). I gazed at the center, where DreAM’s center dot appears, until the light within every sphere of the Grid became blazing white–then, I proceeded with my morning’s DreAMing.

“Hearing” the Consciousness of DreAM’s Code Sequences

Technical Background: Each DreAM (and Restoration) Sequence has an initialization sequence wherein each of the individual patterns of Code at individually expressed, in order for the brain to uniquely recognize them. Progressively, they are combined, and synchronized. The collective pattern recognition experience is what provides the brain stimulation that prompts the brain to generate new synapses. However, most importantly, each of those patterns is part of a Code communicatiing Virtues of Divine Consciousness. Each pattern does so in a holistic manner, meaning although there are 20 specific Virtues being communicated, each pattern has a piece of each of the Virtues within it–even those patterns that are exclusively communicating one of those 20 Virtues.

     This morning, as I was progressing through the initialization sequence, I had what is best described as an experience of hearing what each pattern was “saying”. The vibration within me was very much like the kind I receive from hearing the Word of God, or someone saying something that uplifts my spirit. No verbage, but definitely a verbage experienced vibe, so to speak. Recognizing I was “hearing” the Messages, I just sat, observantly, waiting to see how that would play out when the patterns began to combine.

As the patterns combined, the sense of hearing did not wane, nor did it increase in volume, nor was there any sense of hearing cross talk. It was like a deeper communication. Then, I realized that the Message of the Base Code is “Transformer-ized” by DreAM’s design. Hence, as each pattern is added to the DreAM broadcast, it greatly expands the diameter of the previous set of pattern’s transmission. That means the Message becomes richer, more intricate, more intimate.

THEN, I realized that I was experiencing Universal Consciousness communicating with the Consciousness within me. I as a field of Consciousness, outside of, yet inclusive of my body, and the Greater (or Great Spirit) Consciousness Field was communicating with my field. Soon, I began to feel warm, all over; what the Great Spirit Consciousness was communicating was having a kinetic effect in my body, in a radiant, non-localized manner. Like the “mmmmm” I used to feel after drinking warm milk and honey.

I Am Not My Body; My Body is a Subset of Me

Soon thereafter, I realized that my self-awareness had progressed beyond my body, to the extent that it seemed like my body was within me, rather than the inverse. That extra-somatic sensory awareness was trippy, because I could feel my body fully functioning, however, the entire perspective was like my perspective of my lungs, or stomach, or something, as I may be sitting in a chair. Just as my organs, and bodily functions are subsets of my somatic experience, my entire somatic experience became a subset of my Consciousness experience. It was not “out of body”, per se; it was more like “suprasomatic self-awareness“.

Leaving Little Room for Doubt That the DreamShift is Real

{From your perspective, especially if you are cynical, skeptical, to dedicated to the Scientific Method, or otherwise disinclined to consider my experience having any “real” basis in my physiological, or psychological experience, what I just shared may seem like my illusive, if not delusional fantasy. BUT–and, ouch, I still feel the memory of this–my next experience convinced me that I was having a more dynamically interdimensional experience than I may theretofore have ever had.}

I was masking my Om intonations with music. At one point, with my headphones on, I misperceived nature sounds preceding some harp music as a serious malfunction of my audio system. Reflexively, I shifted my attention toward my audio system, and began to physically turn my head in that direction, “just to see…”. As I reflexively began to likewise turn my body, I immediately felt like I was pushing myself into a heart attack!!

Suddenly, my heart felt a fist had grabbed it, yanking my attention back to my body. I realized that my reflexive actions, and my abrupt pain were probably directly related, so, I immediately refocused on DreAM’s center dot, and on breathing, deeply, and rhythmically, and not reacting, or responding to the huge wave of fear that was hitting me. The DRs, and the mindfulness mediation, had prepared me for that moment; I was able to simply able to be observant of the pain, and the shock to my senses, without thinking about the “what”, or “why” of the happening in that moment. Within 30 seconds, the pain in my heart had fully waned, however, the flow of heart attack-like symptoms continued, but as though they were somewhat mandatory, and completely disconnected by the interim of time between them.

The next sensation was of something sharp piecing me at the inner edge of my left shoulder blade, near my heart. That was followed by the signature heart attack warning pain in the upper left arm. Later, I realized my lower left forearm, all the way to the tips of the fingers of my left hand had gone numb. Each of those events was separated by at least 60 seconds.

Rather than overlapping, as they do in what I understand to be actual heart attack experiences, each one fully waned before the next commenced, to the extent that my mind did not regard them as part of the same event. Nonetheless, I had an apparently real medical concern arise from a meditation experience that elevate Self expression to a whole new, practical level. Basically, that underscored what I have been saying, more eloquently, since I first started developing DreAM, “Don’t #^@% around with this!”

And, all that, for as much as it was, was just this morning’s DreAM experience!!


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