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An Open Letter to President Barack Obama Regarding the NDAA


Mr. President,

Earlier tonight, I read about your intention to sign the National Defense Authorization Act/NDAA into law. Even if you’ve agreed to sign it already, please act wisely and don’t do so; far more will probably be lost than will be gained by you applying your signature to it! It’s all right to change your mind; especially when it’s the right thing to do.

Such an Orwellian move as establishing the NDAA as law, stripping the Writ of Habeas Corpus from American citizens, particularly here in our own country is not only unconstitutional, [i.e.

United States Constitution
Article 1, Section 9, Clause 2:

“The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it”],

it’s also fundamentally unnecessary; our public Safety does NOT require it! Despite the influence by others urging you to take such a step, I think you must be able to perceive, understand and agree with my perspective regarding this matter!

Many people believe that, as tragic as it truly was, the NYC terrorism on 9/11 was also a ploy designed to manipulate Americans to accept the relinquishment of our Constitutional rights, to the extent where the rights of privacy and even the Writ of Habeas Corpus would eventually be stripped from us. Our elected leaders in the House and Senate were railroaded into signing off on the Patriot Act, thus stripping us of our privacy rights. However, despite any votes of Congress relative to the NDAA to the contrary, we, the People, are not voluntarily relinquishing the Writ and you’re the person who is in the position to insure the Writ remains our unalienable Constitutional right. [Perhaps that’s ultimately part of the higher reason(s) this presidency was given to you!]  Would you be the President who most comprehensively fulfills the projected reality of those who believe such manipulation is a fact?

Love led former legislators to establish the Writ; fear (and the unchecked desire for power and control) prompts many present legislators and those who influence you to sign that Act into law. Which one will rule; love or fear? Which one will be upheld, by your pen (or lack thereof). If Love, the USA will be stronger than ever and the American People will support you more than ever. If fear, if you sign that Act into law, the USA will actually be weaker than ever before and I think it’s reasonable to believe that it will not only take profoundly longer and exponentially more energy to restore our national morale and the economy to a state of uniform well being, but the overwhelming majority of US citizens will no longer be supportive of you. “Yes, we can!” YOU helped us to believe that! You stood for change that bolsters our security and global position and more of us supported you and stood with you to help initiate such change than those who stood against you. Abolishing the Writ was not a part of what you stood for then, was it? Or were you a wolf in sheep’s clothing, saying you’re standing with us while you’re actually working with those who would manipulate our most fundamental Constitutional rights from us? Stand WITH us, Mr. President and don’t take such a radical, imposing and fear-full step against us; the most probable outcome of taking such a step is that fear would wash over the nation like a great deluge, causing a massive rise in stress, insecurity, mental illness, decline in individual and collective motivation, national will power and GDP and many more ruinous consequences, wiping out countless possibilities for the good of the nation and the world for generations.

We can’t afford that most probable outcome; we can’t afford the NDAA when the nationally devastating insecurity it would yield would undermine and eclipse the very security it’s supposed to help the collective government to insure and maintain. I hereby call upon you not to support and sign it. If you sign it, I assure, it will be more damaging to the United States of America than any act of war our nation has ever experienced. Therefore, I implore you, act wisely Mr. President; be the noble President I believe you to be; be the President you would like yourself to be if you were “the average Joe” – be the man others who gave you the Nobel Prize believe you to be – that President would exemplify love and uphold Article 1, Section 9, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution and protect us, the People. Be the blessing you’re in office to be and don’t levy such a curse on the American People. “Yes, we CAN” live without the NDAA; be the change you led us to believe in and do not sign it, please!!

Most sincerely,

Michaele de Cygne
United States of America

    P.S. I’m certainly not telling you how to do your job, but this perennial wisdom may be of value to you in that regard:

    “You govern a kingdom by normal rules;
    You fight a war by exceptional moves;
    But you win the world by letting alone…

    The more taboos and inhibitions there are in the world,
    The poorer the people become.
    The sharper the weapons the people possess,
    The greater confusion reigns in the realm.
    The more clever and crafty the men,
    The oftener strange things happen.
    The more articulate the laws and ordinances,
    The more robbers and thieves arise…”

    Lao Tzu
    Tao Te Ching, Chapter 57
    600 B.C.E.