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Word 4 the Day (1 Etznab)

“Be still and know that I am God.” [Psalm 46:10 – Bible] This is a day to be and remain centered, but not to be active from your center as you were yesterday. Today, while centered, just be still and be aware, look into your soul (like looking into a mirror) and perceive and know what’s there that inhibits the Flow of Divine Light within you. Seeing all the assets of your character, give thanks to Spirit for instilling them in you and for enabling you to acquire them. Seeing the liabilities of your character, know what separates You from God and from Be-ing an expression of God in your practical life. Know your Self.

Baggage. You’ve got it. I’ve got it. Some of it is good; like diamonds and pearls of Wisdom that we carry in the linings of our minds and psyches. Some of it just weighs us down; like monkey wrenches or anvils in the pockets of our minds and psyches. Much of that baggage, i.e. our liabilities, we simply regard as parts of who we are and, reticent to let go of it, (like spiritual, mental and psychic/emotional hoarders), we schlepp it along day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year…, to our detriment. We trip over it, it falls into our cups of tea and displaces positive experiences with negative energy, it camouflages itself as sources of power while it vampirizes our Power.

The Energies of 1 Etznab enable us to be of One Mind with Spirit, to see through the veil of our own illusions of being baggage free, to perceive the camouflage of our liabilities for what it is. With that Oneness and perception, we are also empowered to Be separate from our illusions and liabilities. The power that separates ourselves from our illusions and liabilities is akin to a sword of Light. Some call it the “Sword of Truth.” Spirit wields that Sword, thus it’s also called the “Sword of the Spirit.”

Nothing can resist the blade of Spirit’s Sword. It slices between the most subtle aspects of our being, even between soul and spirit. When we remain centered and still, in Oneness with Divine Being, we give Spirit the opportunity both to rend the veil of our illusions and to cut away from us all that prevents us from Be-ing even as God is. Today, trust Divine Mind to reveal your baggage to you and trust Spirit and allow Her to use Her Sword to separate You from what separates you from God, from your Self.

Expect to receive unexpected feedback about yourself today that helps you to better perceive and understand what illusions you harbor about yourself. Expect to receive information today relative to an incorrect understanding you may have about something or someone that you’ve allowed yourself to identify as truth about that something or someone. Expect to have some of your personal dung heap stink up some of your communications today. Expect yourself to be confronted by your own impatience, or impulsiveness, or lack of courage, or intemperance, or just too much ego when you’re making a presentation or sharing information, etc.; and expect yourself to cringe within you when it happens, knowing it’s a revelation of something that separates you from Be-ing even as God is.

In the experience of 1 Etznab, in the centeredness of being of One Mind with the Divine, the experience of perceiving darkness is also the experience of being liberated from that darkness. Unless you choose to cling to what you see, as though it’s your proprietary self manifestation, the moment of perception, that moment of knowing is also the moment of liberation from the negative aspects of your character that are revealed to you. In that moment of knowing, yield to the Sword; the more you yield, the more effective Her surgery will be and the more liberated you will be.

While Spirit does Her thing, just be in the Light; akin to being centered in the center of the Sun. Allow the Light to fill you. The more you see about yourself that inhibits Light, the more Spirit is removing it and the more Light fills you. Cooperate with this Divine dynamic of 1 Etznab by just being still and allowing God to Love you in this manner. As you allow His Light to reveal what inhibits It within you, the liabilities of your character decrease and the assets of your character increase, allowing you to become more of His Light. As you become more of His Light, you become and express more of His Love.

Be One today. Be One with Spirit today. Be One with the All in all that is today and allow the All to reveal all that’s within you that It needs to remove in order for your character to Be like God’s character; for you to Be All that It is. Without reacting to what you see, just see and be and allow Spirit to free you to Be.

Today is 1 Etznab. Use the Mayan Book of Wisdom (MBOW) to help you fulfill the potential today holds for you. Click on the Etznab glyph on the Daily Tzolk’in, then on the “1” beneath the 1 Etznab glyph on the following page. Focus on your intention, (e.g. being still and One with God, allowing Divine Light to Flow through you and the Sword of the Spirit to remove all aspects of your character that inhibit that Flow), then play the Tones for 1 Etznab while meditating on your intention being fulfilled as your present way of life. (Click on the “How to Use…” link for meditation guidance.)
Note: This Word 4 the Day is presented relative to morning in North America. If you’re reading this closer (Eastward) to the International Date Line, understand that while this information may be reaching you later in the day, perhaps even close to the shift into the next date, the Energies of Consciousness are timeless and you may use the MBOW to retroactively (or proactively) stimulate the Flow of those Energies regardless of whether or not the specific date on which they celestially transit(ed) our planet has passed.

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