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Word 4 the Day (10 Ix)

10 brings things to completion. Having established yourself as a bridge between Heaven and Earth, you’ve allowed the Substance of your Dream, your Highest Self, (e.g. the fullness of the Divine Spirit that you are in and through the Anointing), to flow into and fill the mental, psychic and physical elements and aspects of your being. You have emptied yourSelf of yourself and maintained that emptiness to allow what’s flowed into you from Heaven to settle and come to balance throughout your mind, psyche and body. Today is a day to align your personal will with Divine Will and, thereby, to release the Power required (a) for the initial fulfillment of that Substance in your personal environment and circumstances and (b) to begin to hear and become the Song that Heaven has created for you to express and to be.

The Melody of that Song is your particular, authentic expression(s) of Love through you, in the context of your Dream, expressed over a span of time. Like your fingerprints, it may be similar to others in some ways, but that Melody is unique to you. Having cleared yourself of old, obsolete and fear-based or ego-based self perceptions and understandings, you’ve been self-enabled to receive new Self perceptions and understandings. Those perceptions and understandings were intuitively streamed to you by Wisdom. By aligning yourself with Wisdom, (which means aligning your spirit with Divine Spirit), you began to receive new inclinations toward new possibilities relative to your self expression. By going deeper and further today, aligning your personal will with Divine will, you tap into the Power that will enable you to shift those inclinations to intentions.

With the Power of Divine Will, you can visualize your new intentions being fully manifested as the substance of your daily life. Don’t visualize them as mere possibilities, visualize them as concrete facts and trust Wisdom to guide you through every step of the processes required to fully manifest them. You’re meant to participate in those processes, not to control them. Power corrupts because people like the feeling of control that comes with holding power. However, while you can hold Divine Power, you cannot control It; you can only co-operate with It. One of the best ways to co-operate with It is to hold the Vision that Wisdom gives you, like a tub holding water, and allow Divine Spirit to direct Divine Power through you into the subtle Substance of the Dream within you until it becomes the concrete substance of your reality.

Your role in that experience is not merely passive. It takes tremendous will power to maintain your focus on any given thought or routine over a long period of time. If you sit still and decide to focus on a particular thought, unless you’ve been practicing meditation for a long time, you require great will power to maintain that thought for more than 10 seconds before another thought interrupts it. Setting your intention to practice returning to the desired thought and fixing your attention on it a little longer each time is an active participation between your will and your mind. Likewise, Divine Will is required to actively participate with Divine Mind. Having established yourself as link between Heaven and Earth, allow Divine Will to use your will to empower you to keep your attention on the Vision within Divine Mind through all of the changes required for the Vision’s Substance to be fully expressed into and through you until It’s fully manifested.

When musicians begin to perform a song, all of the chord changes and progression of the song are either in their minds or are immediately available to them in the music notation. They don’t need to wonder what the next step is because it arrives in perfect time and they know exactly what to do on each step, at least on a fundamental, harmonic level. The same dynamic applies to you expressing yourSelf as the Melody of Heaven’s Song for you through all of the processes required for the Song to be fully manifested. The Song will be played out through the coming days, weeks, and months, (perhaps years), a new part of It’s progression each day. You are not the Conductor, you are a musician and your spirit+mind+psyche+body = the instrument. Being linked to the Source of the Song, your role is to use your will power to maintain your receptive attention in order to sustain an optimal level of resonance with the Source so Wisdom can conduct Its Song and Melody through you.

The Song’s composition was completed before the world came into existence. You’ve opened yourself to Heaven so the Song’s changes can be channeled into your life and the Flow of the Song’s components into you has fundamentally completed. They’re there now and they’re in perfect order, like the chord charts or sheet music on which musicians rely. As a consequence of your link to the Source, you may intuitively access the Song. With your will aligned with Divine Will, you’re empowered to become the Song, with the conditions of your life being Its changes and your integritous personal expressions being Its Melody. Like a musician engaging in improvisation, just let the Song be played, with your intention set on continually keeping your attention on and listening the Melody that Wisdom channels to you, so you can express that Melody, with absolute integrity, through your instrument, into your life and onto the world’s stage until the Flow of Heaven’s Song through you has reached completion.

10 connotes the completion of a set or cycle; however it also holds the seeds for a new Beginning. Also, relative to beginnings, Ix is akin to Imix (i.e. the Spirit hovering over the waters at the beginning of the Judeo-Christian Creation story), as well as a reiteration of the essence Imix in the context of human creativity. The Song is You. Hence, while the vibrations of 10 Ix usher the completion of the delivery of the Song’s elements to you, they also serve to plant the seeds of a new Theme of the Song, with just the first few notes and measures of the Melody. The Divine has created you to be a beautiful Song; with the Energies of 10 Ix, just relax, maintain your celestial link, the alignment of your spirit with Divine Spirit and of your will with Divine will, allow the Song to resonate through you without the impedance of your ego or your fears and let the Music play!

Today is 10 Ix. Use the Mayan Book of Wisdom (MBOW) to help you fulfill the potential today holds for you. Click on the Ix glyph on the Daily Tzolk’in, then on the “10” beneath the Ix glyph on the following page. Focus on your intention, (e.g. allowing Divine Will to provide you with the Power required to materialize your Dream and applying that Power with absolute integrity), then play the Tones for 10 Ix while meditating on your intention being fulfilled as your present way of life. (Click on the “How to Use…” link for meditation guidance.)
Note: This Word 4 the Day is presented relative to morning in North America. If you’re reading this closer (Eastward) to the International Date Line, understand that while this information may be reaching you later in the day, perhaps even close to the shift into the next date, the Energies of Consciousness are timeless and you may use the MBOW to retroactively (or proactively) stimulate the Flow of those Energies regardless of whether or not the specific date on which they celestially transit(ed) our planet has passed.

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