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Word 4 the Day (2 Cauac)

The Energies of 1 Etznab helped you to enter into a dynamic experience of Oneness with Divine Being. In that Oneness, you became centered and allowed the Sword of the Spirit to separate you from all that was within you inhibiting the flow of Divine Light into and through you. In that Oneness, you allowed that Flow of Light to increasingly fill you as the Sword sliced away those limitations. With Cauac’s Energies, the Light you received becomes a purifying fire, burning off what the Sword cut away from you, so you can begin to experience your self expression in your New Form.

All “2” days involve a shift from the dynamic of singularity into that of duality. In the dynamic of duality, we’re conditioned to regard polarity and see ourselves as separate from others, as “you” and “me”, “us” and “them”, within and without, ying and yang, even separate from our own mirror images. However, in duality, singularity doesn’t vanish; it just begins to vibrate.

Everything manifested in the universe has vibration. Without vibration, no thing manifests. Without duality, vibration itself cannot exist; no vibration, no form.

All vibration entails the oscillation of something between two extremes; but that thing is not the extremes, nor is it separate from the extremes. In fact, the extremes are generated by the oscillation of the thing itself. That oscillation is fundamental movement; like a dance, gently swaying from right to left or front to back or higher to lower. Connecting the right and left, the north and south, the ying and yang, etc. is the manifested thing, “dancing.” The more the movement, the greater the frequency; the greater the frequency, the more energy is expressed through the vibration, (through the dance.)

The baggage that the Sword of Truth sliced away from you with the Energies of 1 Etznab has vibration too. As your consciousness evolved during the previous several days, you received the vibrations of the Substance of your Dream directly from Heaven, i.e. the highest spiritual planes. As a vessel receiving and containing that Substance, you were quickened by It and your individual frequencies were raised. The vibrations of your baggage were not only inhibiting Light within you, they were also inhibiting you from maximally rising, so Spirit cut that baggage away from you; (as much as you consciously allowed Her to do so.) The Energies of 2 Cauac enable you to shift into your unique New dance while that cut away baggage is being burned away, utterly eliminating it from you so it can no longer interfere with your New (and rising) frequency and your expression of Light.

As the fires of Cauac completely consume what Spirit cut away from you, dance; celebrate your liberation from what limited the Light in you by dancing . The dance symbolizes your will-ingness to extend your Oneness with the Divine and the vibration of your New state of Be-ing into the world. You are a triune being; depending on your microcosmic perspective, you’re a spirit within a soul (encompassing your mind and psyche) within a body, or you’re a spirit with a mental body, an astral/psychic body and a physical body. In all aspects of your being, whatever your microcosmic perspective may be, dance.

(Combining those perspectives), as a spirit, directly dance before (i.e. facing) the Divine and with the Divine within you. Start with visualizing yourSelf swaying from side to side and increase your oscillation/movement. Mentally, let your thoughts be focused on your Dream Self gently dancing too. Emotionally/psychically, feel your Self dancing in the full joy and peace of your Divine Nature. Physically, with all other aspects of your being doing the dance, regard your body as the sanctuary it is and let it move; even if you’re sitting in a cubicle somewhere, you can gently rock from side to side or front to back while you’re sitting, otherwise, while you’re walking from room to room or down a sidewalk or up or down a staircase, let your body express the vibration of your New state of Be-ing with a little shimmy or a shake or a quick two-step every once in awhile, or just stand in place and rock it, like Michael Jackson in his “Rock With You” video or like Maurice White used to do while he was playing the kalimba when he was touring with Earth, Wind & Fire. Have fun with it!

As Cauac’s fire burns off your excised baggage, you become lighter, even as the action of Spirit’s Sword (released as Etznab’s Energies were expressed) enabled you to become more Light. As you dance, you release your New Form into its first stages of manifestation and, being lighter, you ascend into higher levels of You, of your Divine Nature and Be-ing. Ascend above the same ol’ same ol’. Ascend above the density of others who have (consciously or unconsciously) chosen to continue being weighed down by their baggage. Ascend above your own diminishing baggage as Cauac’s fire consumes it.

As your dance of ascension uplifts you, know that, as you ascend, you’ll be consciously or subconsciously uplifting others and motivating them to ascend too. Thusly expressing the change in you, your elevated vibratory state as and in your New Form, makes the world a better place. The higher you ascend, the more you heal and help to heal the world.

Today is 2 Cauac. Use the Mayan Book of Wisdom (MBOW) to help you fulfill the potential today holds for you. Click on the Etznab glyph on the Daily Tzolk’in, then on the “2” beneath theCauac glyph on the following page. Focus on your intention, (e.g. beginning to vibrate as and in the New Form of your Be-ing), then play the Tones for 2 Cauac while meditating on your intention being fulfilled as your present way of life. (Click on the “How to Use…” link for meditation guidance.)
Note: This Word 4 the Day is presented relative to morning in North America. If you’re reading this closer (Eastward) to the International Date Line, understand that while this information may be reaching you later in the day, perhaps even close to the shift into the next date, the Energies of Consciousness are timeless and you may use the MBOW to retroactively (or proactively) stimulate the Flow of those Energies regardless of whether or not the specific date on which they celestially transit(ed) our planet has passed.

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